Working with Cari

Cari is not an easy solution, to anything. As truth and as compassion you step into a space of raw becoming. Why would you seek her out?  Because you are wanting to truly know you, to expand beyond this to connecting to the depth of life and to expand more than ever into a conscious space of greater than all things.  Its big work. Its lifetime work. Yet once you know that this is your next journey, nothing can stop you from beginning.  

I can only explain the work by saying, 'it's an experience', best described as going for a long walk in which you return home as if for the first time.  Every piece of all that is life goes into your becoming and let me tell you, you will feel it!  You will experience yourself again, you will feel life and find the space within you that is silent and golden.  You will experience all of this in the time together and then be compelled to LIVE IT.  The end result is that will know yourself, be in your Wisdom and be able to act as Love to experience Life fully. 

If you are called to connect then please do, if you dare.  You can continue the conversation with Cari and you can enquire about her qualifications, experience and gifts.