From all that is living in wellness, to a path of wellbeing.

Jun brewer, change-maker, truth sayer, poetry lover, this is the collection of wellness walking its path to wellbeing for the bodymindsoul, as one. And it has been a glorious journey so far!

Mystical,raw, alive and dedicated to conscious living in all its forms. From all that is living in wellness within the body, to training the mind, to restoring the soul, to a life of wellbeing, I bring a wealth of knowledge from various walks of life to Of The Gods. My name is Cari, my love for science fused with a sage depth that is my spiritual wisdom, is the same blend of science and consciousness that lives within of the gods and Jun, the drink I lovingly create. Lovingly tending and devoting hours to research and mastering ancient techniques to delivering an authentic and traditional tonic for the body mind and soul and delivering this to those who work with me, has been my passion.

I have owned numerous businesses, am a qualified wellness and metaphysical counsellor and have written and published over 20 books whilst raising three humans and many more animals. You will find me meditating at the start and end of every day, yoga-ing, finding new things to ferment, writing down poetic ponderings, reading philosophy and philosophising over life, tending my herbs and garden and helping whoever I can to reach their greatest potential, all whilst madly researching and exploring the ways of wellness and wellbeing.

Why Jun?

After years of counselling - with qualifications in both Metaphysical Counselling and Wellness/Nutritional Counselling - it became abundantly clear to me, that diet was one of the greatest culprits we have to our mindset.  Whilst this research was happening amongst our scientists it was already happening with my clients. For those seeking higher consciousness, to those seeking a way out of depression, poor diet, or a diet that didn't match their being and lifestyle, was a factor impacting their progress and sanity.  The more I altered diets, the greater clarity we gained.  The more we worked on aligning better food habits, with greater ritual and clarity the greater we moved towards a more sound mental health space.  The more we cleaned the body the more we cleared the mind.

My years of experience owning a Book Cafe taught me that conversation, connection and a good beverage to drink it down with, was something we would always seek out.  It was obvious that both were needed to endure the real work in life. So, in linking together all the pieces of me.  Tea, wellness, meditation, conscious awareness, wisdom, divine connection and the desire to create greater wellness within us all, Jun was born!

The very same mother culture that is within Jun, the SCOBY that begins the process, is no different to the setting down process of journeying in life. Amongst this, a very loud visceral dream of what was next, that would not go away simply had to be heard!

Because I know that through maintaining ritual and changing habits we can walk our wellness and wellbeing to a life lived well.

Work with me?

I am not an easy solution, to anything. As truth and as compassion you step into a space of raw becoming. Why would you step up? Because you are wanting to truly know you, to expand beyond ‘this’ to connecting to the depth of life and to expand more than ever into a conscious space of greater than all things.  Its big work. Its lifetime work. Yet once you know that this is your next journey, nothing can stop you from beginning.  

I can only explain the work by saying, 'it's an experience', best described as going for a long walk in which you return home as if for the first time.  And you need a lot of ‘soul’ for that journey. Every piece of all that is life goes into your becoming and let me tell you, you will feel it!  You will experience yourself again, you will feel life and find the space within you that is silent and golden.  You will experience all of this in our time together and then be compelled to LIVE IT.  The end result is that you will know yourself, be in your Wisdom and be able to act as Love to experience Life fully. 

If you are called to connect then please do, you will find more information in the For You section.