Crafted with purpose.

At of the gods, we have crafted our Jun to help heal your bodymindsoul.

Notice we have placed bodymindsoul as one word? This is to highlight that there is no separation in how we must see them, approach their healing and structure their wellness.  So in creating Jun, we have done just that, made one beverage that works on all levels bodymindsoul without any separation.

This is clear intent, dedicated purpose and mindful technique, to create a conscious, functional beverage to work from the inside out.

How to choose your Jun.

You find yourself in it!

We want to make sure that you are not just buying flavour, but also wellness and wellbeing. To do this, we have carefully selected each blend to aid our body, and paired it with a God or Goddess to help guide our mind and used special creation formulas to impact our soul.

The powerful herbs selected for our drinks are done so for all their healing qualities. We create here a blend that is infused, distilled, fermented and created with alchemic crafting to bring a truly divine creation.

The myths and legends that are the stories of the Gods and Goddesses, are perfect reminders of all that we are, and all that we are capable of. They have been chosen from mythologies from many cultures around the world, and hold within their stories a gift for us to become all that we can be. They are inclusive. They seek unity and acceptance in diversity of finding ourselves in each and every bottle. They even ask for each of us to lean in and learn more about each culture such that we can find ourselves within each other.

To begin, you may sit and consider these questions as you are choosing what is right for this moment.

  • How am I feeling right now?

  • What am I experiencing right now?

  • What are my biggest concerns right now?

  • Is my mindset working on particular theme right now?

We are releasing 9 of our blends that can be incorporated into your day in so many ways, as a refresher, a tonic, or as a great base for smoothies - click on each image to find out if this blend is what serves your bodymindsoul!


The original Raw Jun.

‘I am enough as I am.’


Lemon Jun

‘I strengthen myself from within’


Ginger and Turmeric Jun

‘I restore balance to my life.’


Sunflower and Quandong Jun

‘In wellness my journey begins.’


Riberry and Rose Jun

‘I am within all things.’


Dandelion and Mint Jun

‘I rejoice I enjoy I celebrate.’


White Peony and Marshmallow Jun

‘I am free to be all that I am.’


Chaga and Cinnamon Jun

‘I create the pathway for my life.’

Kuan Yin

Reishi and Chamomile Jun

‘I am the way of Love.’