Wellness to Wellbeing.

The very founding at of the gods, is the pillars. They are the beginning of all that I do, that I am, and that I create.

The path of wellness to wellbeing is ultimately about conscious living, or consciousness.  How do we define that? 

def. one who is present, aware and accountable for their seeds of thought and action.  

It is all the ways in which we can live consciously. It asks us to think, act, speak and live with conscious awareness.  

Conscious living is built on diversity, unity and acceptance.  It is the entire journey that begins in wellness and walks to wellbeing.

It opens us to wellness in body mind soul, to wellness within the earth and to wellbeing as a conscious way of being within life. 

The three pillars of conscious living.


The conscious journey of self is that of wellness. It is the journey of self love. It asks that we not only know ourself but that we consciously consider and accept all of who we are.  It is a journey that many of us avoid, yet it is the great work of a lifetime! The work that ultimately brings us to deeper acceptance of ourself. Without this, we flounder through life, through illness, through seeking purpose and disconnected from our truth

The work of reconnecting to who we are, is ours alone, but one that was destined to be guided by others. We become.through creating pathways  We become through finding our own way.  Yet where to begin?

We have created a journey of self through a meditation series beautifully compiled to take you to the beginning, to the core, through the darkness and home again. You can access this through connecting with Cari here.


When we work with conscious living we come to understand that none of it is complete without connection. That we all seek to connect and rejoice in all that is around us. Jun supports this journey so well!

Being conscious of life is ultimately embracing all of Life. The miracles that are life, the diversity of the land as much as of one other.  Connection at this level expands us, and this expansion is enormous.  Perhaps for the very first time we see not only all that we are, but our place in life, our importance to life and one another, and see that there lies no separation between us. That we are all of the same. That how we progress and define our way is unique to each of us, but never wrong. Never incomplete. At its best we see that in connection we dissolve all barriers and dismantle darkness. That as we love and treat our own self, we love and treat each other and Life around us.  That in crazy conversations and joyous moments we can talk through anything to come through understanding to acceptance.

We discover this through our conferences and weekend workshops as well as through our own brewing community and the communities we reach with our mission. We look forward to you being a part of it all.


Conscious of soul is raising consciousness.

At the very essence of Jun is not just the drink, not just the health, not just the healing, but the Pilgrimage to the soul. It is reconnection to Spirit and that is where we seek to take you. That is the truth of Jun. She is the physical manifestation of everything that is the soul.

In her beginning, Jun has wandered in silence on pilgrimage. A  journey that would open the hearts of those she accompanied as well as  every one who passed her by. The journey was full of connection to each other, to the Earth and to Life.  It was a conscious journey where she shares her wisdom and grace. 

The magic that is this elixir is not just in its gut healing bacteria, it is in its creation.  It is in its raison d’être, its reason for becoming. It is the connection as you sit and laugh and unite.  It is in the joy of silence and the consciousness that opens within you.  We create this Jun today in honour of returning to this journey. The journey to the soul.  To continue the mystery and the mysticism that it holds in its possibility.  

We want to take you on the journey that IS Jun. This soul conscious connection that is it's mystery and to its Pilgrimage. It is the very purpose of its creation, to bring you here so that you discover so much more in consciousness. You can access this, through our retreats.


In time I will return to operating retreats. They seek to open and expand awareness and acceptance, based on the Three Pillars. If you are interested stay connected and you will be alerted to when these are up and running again.

Our retreats are a glorious way to bathe in all that life offers. It is the BEING of consciousness. It is an immersion in all that we are.  It is filled with moments of silence and moments of deep contemplation.  There will be soul digging and gut wrenching times of release as we dismantle darkness. Tears of joy and heart felt moments of tenderness as you discover new layers of compassion and always at every turn there is love.

I am available to continue to speak at events or within specific circles on the basis of the Three Pillars and what seeking wellness to wellbeing (the walk of conscious living to consciousness) looks like. If you are interested in booking this please simply contact me with your information and I will be in touch.