Our Jun.

A soft, yet powerfully transforming elixir, Jun is a fermented green tea drink, crafted with wild bacteria and yeasts to help heal your body (gut), mind and soul.

Our Jun is created using green tea, pure maple syrup and a Jun SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). The result is a tasty drink that is smooth yet slightly bubbly, and rich yet refreshingly light - a contradiction, we know, but wait until you try it yourself!

Using ethically sourced quality products, it is naturally fermented, maintaining traditions as to how it is handcrafted; slowly, patiently and with loads of love - oh, and some oming from our founder. Jun, the drink of the gods, is raw, unpasteurised, vegan, gluten free and extremely yummy.

Keen to know more? We’ve got some great Jun FAQ's right here!

Why should you drink Jun?

Put simply, Jun allows us to boost our overall wellness, without compromising the enjoyments of life. As a probiotic aid, Jun works to increase our active healthy gut bacteria, which allows body functions to operate at a higher, more efficient level, as well aiding in balanced mind health.

Our Jun is also rich in minerals and low in sugar, which makes it an easy, effective and enjoyable ‘culture’ to dive into! Our flavours (& gods) have been selected specifically to bring numerous health benefits, which you can read more about here.

At of the gods, we focus on the connection of science and spirituality, and liaise regularly with experts in the bioscience field.



The Process.

We have a two step fermentation process that covers three components.

First ferment

Is to create bacteria through the sugars provided to the SCOBY.  This process is individual to each fermenter and brand as this stage is where not only bacteria is created but sugars reduced to produce the initial raw flavor.

Second ferment

First is to provide the flavour with the fruit and herb combinations.  

Again a process of taste and sugar levels that can take each fermenter his own length of time.

Last is to adjust for sweetness / flavour / colour / texture (like red wine, the presence of tannins in tea creates a texture) as required.  This final step is finalized before bottling to ensure the highest quality product is being produced each time.  As Jun is a naturally fermented drink that is working with nature and the elements each ferment process is unique and individual.