A bold, probiotic rich herbal tonic.

Bold, yet somehow soft in her nurturing, our Jun is a powerfully transforming elixir crafted using 100% organic green tea, pure maple syrup and an original Jun SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) the result is smooth, softly bubbling, rich, yet refreshingly light - a contradiction we know, but wait until you try it yourself!

Using ethically sourced quality products, Jun is naturally fermented, maintaining tradition to her alchemy, handcrafting slowly, patiently and with loads of love - and some omming from the founder.

Rich in probiotic goodness Jun adds to this raw herbal power through the medicinal properties of herbs. She is a stand alone tonic to celebrate life that you can enjoy any time of day.

Jun, the drink of the gods, is raw, unpasteurised, vegan, gluten free and everything you would ask for in non alcoholic wellness.

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Why Jun?

Put simply, Jun allows us to boost our overall wellness, packed with goodness, without compromising the enjoyments of life. Jun is a functional beverage that serves two purposes. First to address the physical and mental ailments that we face. Second to serve as a social connection that allows us to be immersed in community without foregoing our health.

Jun is a probiotic aid that works to increase our active healthy gut bacteria, which allows body functions to operate at a higher, more efficient level, as well aiding in balanced mind health. Our Jun is also rich in minerals and low in sugar, which makes it an easy, effective and enjoyable drink. Our blends have been selected specifically to bring numerous health benefits. Not relying on probiotics alone, the herbal properties within each blend create a powerful wellness tonic to the ailments that impede our body, mind and soul.

To salute wellbeing we recognise the importance of connection and community (as we need celebration in life) we combine the goodness of Jun with the class and elegance that slowly sipping a fine bottle of wine brings to the sharing of life and memories.

Jun is so many things poured into one amazing beverage. It is all about aligning gut health, mental health and taking responsibility for our own health, as much as being a key element to the growing collective of wellness in conscious living.

She is more than a drink to us at of the gods.  We could use words like tonic, elixir, potion, maybe even amtra she is all of these and it is through her beginning, where she is set down with intention, with a vibration and essence of healing that all of this comes together.

Of The Gods uses Jun to carry the journey of wellness to wellbeing. That is the power of what I create. Jun is the story of how we unfold from wellness into wellbeing. The space where we begin to embrace wellness and walk that into the discovery of clarity and consciousness and compassion as all that we give.

We are committed to working with the scientific trail of wellness to incorporate into the spiritual aspects of energetics and therefore her greatest secrets lie within her creation story. The story behind Jun’s beginning is one of old alchemy using the elements, the elementals, the stars, compassion and of course the Gods.

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