Our Creation Process

At of the gods, we focus on the connection of science and spirituality. It is within our creation of Jun that we pour our essence, energy and ancestors, to connect all that we are, all that we do and all that we create to bring you wellness. It is here that we begin.

Whilst we can talk about the ingredients and the minerals that are found within Jun and her many health benefits, I am of the belief that none of these create the true healing essence of Jun. 

For that, we have how she is created and this is a patient, slow, alchemical process that evolves her, over her month long moon cycle.

But lets start at the beginning. Let me take you on her journey.

She begins in the fall of the New Moon beginning the first lunar phase and new cycle of life.  This is a time of new beginnings, of birthing.  A time when we engage action, but not straight away.  We begin with meditation and intent so that the tea begins with full knowing of all that we seek for her.  The action doesn't begin until the first sight of the crescent moon. And that is when we begin steeping the tea through a slow cold brew process so that it unfolds slowly revealing the nutrients from the tea.  Gently releasing hour by hour, it is not forced, it is not coerced it is asked, it is invited, it is called and should she answer, the tea leaves unfurl.

The crescent moon phase allows us to action our intention.  It is the time we breathe and release into that intention and follow that with the tea, the steeping and the infusion of the crystals into the water, such that each fermentation vat holds its own crystal.  As the tea is removed, it is replaced with some additional energised crystal water, that has been gathered during the previous moon cycle, in order to allow the past, our ancestors, what was, to be a part of the now.  This alone, begins the stillness, peace and grace that you will know her for. 

Once we add the maple syrup, and close her to her own creation of immense bacteria profiling, we instil all things deeper into her being with the Gayatri Mantra (Universal Compassion) and the eternal OM sound chanted to her daily.  A ritual set of music and mantra and chanting is played each day, and often plenty of singing and rejoicing is shared at this time.  All of this is carried by the energy of surrounding crystals and it is opened to the oracles each moon setting to bring forth the gods that are intentional for this brew.  In the meantime, we look to the skies to find all the astrological patterns and movements taking place during this fermentation cycle to work with the relevant energies as they pass.

The stages of alchemy

What more could we do?  Well this is just the beginning with the first stage of ferment.  The second stage, has its own ritual.  The herbs are all prepared alchemically through their own process in order to present fully into the Jun.  Each herb, and plant holds its own structure of body mind spirit and soul.  In this we allow each piece of its essence to be engaged into the process.  For this we use ancient alchemical (in meaning it is chemistry of the gods) and spagyric processes to truly place each piece of the herb into the mixture.  For them it is not just their own mini ferment, it is also their distillation and their soul ash that is returned to the original product.  This takes its own time, and is always prepared with full knowing of meeting the Jun to create the glorious blending.

I personally think that whilst even all this is breathtaking, it is the conversations that it holds that are its most spectacular final element. 


Everyday I am with Jun I speak with her of the energy she must hold.  I read to her and have conversations of her creation, her intention, her becoming and her healing.  I tell her that one day someone will open a bottle and pour a glass with tears in their eyes thinking life is too much and that they simply can’t give anymore.  They may speak of sadness or depression, stress or anxiety, and they may say I can’t go on.  They may know of their illness or dis-ease, their bodies discomfort, their minds darkness and their souls aching. 

They’ll need to be held I tell her and you’ll need to be strong.  You’ll need to comfort them and heal their hearts through your love.

And for that person who opens the bottle in joy and celebration you will need to steady them.  Keep them clear on their journey.  Those who are walking their path to wellness and consciousness will be seeking you out to walk with them and heal them and inspire them with your energy to keep moving forward.

There will be so many conversations.  So many intimate moments that you are asked to be a part of and you’ll need to be brave and courageous and compassionate and patient and forgiving. Sometimes you’ll need simply kindness, and you’ll embrace them with a hug.  But you can do all these things for it is why and how you were created, as a part of the truth of life.

The story of Jun

Is everything that can be bought to life and to light, she is a creation of the stars.  She is of the physical and the spiritual.  She is every speck of resonance with life, she is constantly evolving and continually growing and becoming.  She is of the heavens and the earth and she is every piece apart of those who drink her, as if she already knew us and was waiting for each of us all along.