There is so much to love about Athena.  In greek mythology the founding myth of Athens is told to be based on Athena beating Poseidon in a competition over patronage as she created the first olive tree hence Athens being named after her.  She was the master strategist. She was also wise. Known for her brilliant mind, she was not only a craftswoman, creating they say the first spider weaved from her defeated opponent Arachne, but as legend also tells, she was born from the head of her father Zeus, and sat alongside him with much of the decision making in Olympus. 

Her very name is derived from the meaning of mind and intelligence and she used it well. Known for her wisdom and ability to strategise she helped many a warrior to win battle. If that isn't enough, further scholars have deduced that her name is of the elements earth, air, ether and the moon, making her a symbol of all things essential to man. This is a Goddess to stand alongside and mimic her moves for she had all the skills required for greatness of life. You can look no further for a Goddess that creates her own pathway, who blends all things, creates her journey for us to behold and become.

Why Chaga and Cinnamon?

Mushrooms are on a huge comeback within the world of health, and so they should be, their benefits are huge. Known to many as the King of mushrooms, it belonged at Lord Shivas side.  Chaga is high in betulinic acid, one of the most important antioxidants we can utilise in our bodies.  Aside from that, this mushroom also contains anti-retroviral and anti-oxidant properties.  There are so many benefits, we wrote an entire article on them! The moment I first tried chaga I knew it was the perfect accompaniment as the robust warmth and flavour alongside Cinnamon. Another antioxidant, high in anti-inflammatory power packed heart health goodness, often stated as the number one herb in todays needs due to its ability to work with hormonal insulin within the body.  But simply, there is something warming and restoring to Cinnamon. Let's add the aroma that can send us into a swirl of memories for the baking of sweet pies and making warm drinks. This is a glorious combination of balance between aromas, flavours and textures and as the balancing energy of life it belongs at Athena's side.

Our Recommendations

  • Our Chaga drink is a specific tonic shot designed to pick you up. 

  • Either first thing in the morning to replace your coffee, or during the day when your energy starts to wane. 

  • I take it as a 90ml shot.

  • Can be used as many times as you like during the day to create and energised and uplifted feeling.

  • Crafted with the intention of healing, these are to be given the respect they deserve in what they offer.
  • If you are concerned with any medications you are taking that may conflict with these herbal ingredients consult your Medical Practitioner first.