Kuan Yin

‘I am the way of Love.’

Known through many religions, here is a Deity that spans countries, religions and time. In East Asian Buddhism and Taoism she is know as Quan Yin, Kuan Yin or Guan Yin. In India she is known as Padme Pani. In all accounts she remains the same Bodhisattva of Compassion. Her name meaning ‘she who hears the cries of the world.’  Her story tells of being a beautiful princess Miao-Shan who dedicated her life to religious practice and was known as a spiritual adept. Her attainment of enlightenment saw her standing at the gates of Nirvana and at this time she heard the cries of the world and in her depth of compassion gave up her place and returned to worldly duties as the gift of compassion.

She has much to teach us all of her ways and is the one Goddess whose name I speak often asking for her depth of compassion to be mine.  In this we are seeking forgiveness, we are asking for the greatest love. The greatest lesson for us all in compassion and forgiveness is to gift this to oneself. The gift of self love in compassion and forgiveness. In your journey of wellness - the journey that is self love, raise your glass to Kuan Yin in salutation to you. Salute that you are the way of love.

Why Reishi and Chamomile?

It wasn't enough for me to only work with one mushroom. I had to have two and there was no going past Reishi as my second choice. Known as the 'spirit plant' Reishi has been used for thousands of years as a superfood because of its healing abilities. Aside from its known medicinal benefits to improve the condition of those suffering from depression or anxiety, in Chinese medicine, Reishi is also tied to well-being, divine power, success and longevity. The moment I first tried Reishi I knew it needed a gentle companion and so placed it alongside Chamomile. Considered to be one of the most ancient and versatile medicinal herbs known to mankind, dried chamomile flowers have numerous, widespread health implications thanks to their high level of disease-fighting antioxidants like terpenoids and flavonoids. Known for its ability to soothe and rebalance the mind set of depression she was a perfect partner to Reishi, whilst also having many qualities to help our gut. The compassion that both these herbs hold made them the perfect fit to work with the energies of Kuan Yin.


I could talk non stop about the benefits of Herbs. I highlight merely a few. You can always explore more yourself.

  • Calms the mind

  • Aids in anxiety and stress

  • Immune system boost

  • Gut and digestive aid

  • Aligns with Vata Dosha.

Our Recommendations

  • Kuan Yin is a specific tonic shot designed to calm and ease you. 

  • Either last thing in the evening to replace your nightcap, or during the day when your energy is asking to slow down, like in preparing for meditation. 

  • I take it as a 90ml shot.

  • Can be used as many times as you like during the day to create calm and ease.

  • Crafted with the intention of healing, these are to be given the respect they deserve in what they offer.

  • If you are concerned with any medications you are taking that may conflict with these herbal ingredients consult your Medical Practitioner first.