It’s all the goodness you need!

Delivered to your door, now that is convenient.


But first, let me find you.

Lets talk about you. This ‘you’ I call Katherine or Steve. Now you are walking into the mature years of life, and starting to really understand the joys of life, what it’s really about. And in the back of your mind is the voice that you are now listening to that’s saying, it’s time!

You want to move into these years feeling alive, feeling well, and whilst we are at it - looking great! You’re past rolling drunk and keen on great conversation with amazing company. Good food that is nutritious and yet tasty and adds to the zing of the occasion.

Not you? Maybe you’re Chrissy and Joe …..


It’s time to come clean

Chrissy and Joe are young, up with the latest trends, been known to have done a fad diet or two (or three) - basically you keep up with whats new right? You’re in the phase of life where you are noticing your health more and taking the time to read up on things. Things that maybe haven’t felt right for a while. Like your gut. Your digestion. Your sleep. Your mental health that seems to swing a little here and there.

More than anything you have committed to finally getting rid of the anxiety you don’t like to talk about or the annoying pains you get when you eat certain foods. So, you are looking to begin a new commitment to feeling better.

Or possibly you connect as Ali or Mack…


And its time to move on…

You’re a good drinker, in fact legend has it you have drunk Bob under the table a few times! You love a good drink, but are starting to miss seeing a few more full days. Like not just the pillow or the sofa? But a sunrise AND a sunset.

You don’t think you have a drinking problem as such, more of a deep connection to the feeling of a few ales every night. Maybe 3 or 4 ales too many too often if you are honest. And there’s no judgement! We all enjoy a time of life when we party it up hard BUT there’s also that point of going, I think I want to slow down, find a new drink that maybe allows me to enjoy the party AND remember it.

I have met you. We have spoken many times before, when you have consulted in me and said - its time to do something. It’s this something that made me listen and create Jun.

Jun was created …

After hours of counselling told me this was what we needed. A blend of goodness to cover the line of wellness and wine. Something that’s alcohol free, rich in probiotics, with herbal powers and great conversation. Yet classy!

You see what I have come to know more than anything, is that in wellness we are dealing with everything BodyMindSoul as one! It can’t be dealt with properly without considering all fractions. Sure we go it gently and make tweaks as we roll along, but we have to be mindful of the whole. Because that’s wellness! The whole of who we are loving life, enjoying our life, and becoming our greatest gift we can be.

And, I know thats what you want. I know you are seeking HOW to make this happen.

Well let me give you a few tips for free!


Wellness done right is wellness planned.

If you want wellness PLAN for it! Rule #1. Start to think wellness so you can plan for it. Plan your menus with food - get it delivered if easier - big boxes of fresh fruits and veggies or even meal plans. Whatever it takes - even exercise - plan for it! Planning it finds time for it.


Take wellness with you!

Don’t leave room for error. Rule #2 Take wellness with you. Walk with water, take fruit or nuts in your bag, take JUN on picnics. Wherever you go take your wellness! If you travel with your wellness there is less chance to find yourself grabbing an unhealthy snack or just as bad running on empty!


Stay the course!

Its not an overnight job. Rule #3 Stay the course. This is a lifetime commitment. One you are willing to give to yourself in the best interests of how much you love the thought of having a great life. Enjoying life with family and friends, having energy, feeling alive, looking great. It is a worthwhile journey, but you have to stay the course.


And keep it simple!

If you are going to stay the course - you will only do so by keeping it simple. Rule #4 Yes wellness is about creating yummy foods complimented with fantastic JUN, but if you try to make it too tricky all the time you will go insane! Keep plenty of fresh food, whole foods around so you have easy solutions and not tempted to grab any fast treats! Keeping it simple is keeping it real - because the goodness in the fresh stuff can’t be beaten!


So now, I want to talk to you about JUN. I have created something spectacular here, with you in mind.

I know how good wellness is. I have been living, breathing, talking, giving and sharing wellness and wellbeing for 30 years. I have stayed the course. I know there’s one very important thing that must be gained by me - from you - for you to truly want to walk with me and JUN on your journey. And that’s trust!


Now I could add a heap of testimonials here

But I don’t want you to believe them, I want you to stop and work out if you believe me? If I am gaining your trust or not. If you feel into my integrity or not.

Jun is a beautiful synergy of wellness and wine. She is so many things. If you want to read more about how she is created you can click here. If you would like to know more about me, well scoot over here and read some more, or connect through a conversation. Ultimately I have created a drink with BodyMindSoul at its heart with you in mind. Something that is equally at home on a bar, at the dinner table or at a fine dining restaurant. She is all things in strength class and elegance bodied with the bouquets of a fine wine. She is alcohol free goodness. I love her. I want you to love having her on your wellness journey too.

Wellness done with ease.

Jun delivered to your door, to bring wellness to you.