Wellness to Wellbeing.

There is absolutely no greater work for any of us to do in life, than that of the journey that is wellness to wellbeing.

Let me explain that further.

Wellness is not simply what you eat and how you feel. Nor is it really about how you look. BUT it is all of this tied in with one very simple beginning - wellness is the journey of Self Love. If you don’t care enough about who you are, it shows. In everything that we are. It is visible in our bodies health - whether we are well or in pain and illness. It is visible in our skin - whether it glows or has signs of a dis-eased body. It also lingers as our mental health and our enjoyment of life.

When we step up and begin wellness we are confirming that we care about who we are and our life. This begins a journey of self love. That you finally believe you are worthy of a great life.

Wellbeing takes this further. It is how we BE in life. How we show up and express. How we interact and connect and give ourselves to life. It is the process that becomes conscious living How do we define that? 

def. one who is present, aware and accountable for their seeds of thought and action.  

FOR YOU is how I offer to you the opportunity to walk this path of wellness and wellbeing.

And we offer two services.

All of me.

This connection offers counselling specific to where you are at in life. It covers the entire spectrum of wellness to wellbeing for you to step in at which ever place you are, for us to unpack what has been, dismantle darkness and finally find answers to that which is holding you from your greatest self. My work has been very broad in counselling, from relationships to abuse, trauma to disease, I will simply meet you where you are, and that is where we will begin.

10,000 Steps to Stillness

This is the amazing journey that walks through life with you, every step of the way for 60 days. It seeks to not only discover where you are at in every element of this journey, but to look at the rituals and habits you have formed along the way - to reframe them into a new pathway that can be set upon for a life lived well. This is a personal journey so every element is based on you, where you are at, how you got there and where you are seeking to be.


Our retreats are a glorious way to bathe in all that life offers. It is the BEING of consciousness. It is an immersion in all that we are.  It is filled with moments of silence and moments of deep contemplation.  There will be soul digging and gut wrenching times of release as we dismantle darkness. Tears of joy and heart felt moments of tenderness as you discover new layers of compassion and always at every turn there is love. At the very essence of Jun is not just the drink, not just the health, not just the healing, but the Pilgrimage to the soul. It is reconnection to Spirit and that is where we seek to take you. That is the truth of Jun. She is the physical manifestation of everything that is the soul.

In her beginning, Jun has wandered in silence on pilgrimage. A  journey that would open the hearts of those she accompanied as well as  every one who passed her by. The journey was full of connection to each other, to the Earth and to Life.  It was a conscious journey where she shares her wisdom and grace. 

We want to take you on the journey that IS Jun. This soul conscious connection that is it's mystery and to its Pilgrimage. It is the very purpose of its creation, to bring you here so that you discover so much more in consciousness. You can access this, through our retreats.

I am available to continue to speak at events or within specific circles on the journey that is seeking wellness to wellbeing (the walk of conscious living to consciousness). If you are interested in booking this please simply contact me with your information and I will be in touch.