The God of winemaking and wine, Dionysus had to be included in our drinks. He is often misunderstood in his role of pleasure and frivolity, but his task was simple. To help to bring joy to life, to bring connection and conversation during times of frivolity and where slaves could find themselves without masters for a time.  He was all about having pleasure yes, but amongst company and companionship.  In this way we salute him!

A lover of theatre and festival what we see in his connection today is his ability to ask of us to enjoy life more. To take the time to rejoice in all that we have. To find the goodness of life and allow it to be fully enjoyed. As someone who represented those who did not often fit amongst society, we see him as being a vital companion to us all today in our efforts to embrace one another. 

Why Pawpaw and Lime?

Known as a giant herbaceous plant the Pawpaw or Papaya, is loaded with nutrients, packed with antioxidants and holds anti-cancer effects to the body. High in both vitamins and minerals, abundant in magnesium and potassium and with its high papain content this is a powerful digestive aid. Combine this with lime and it is a delicious drink that is vibrant and joyous, which is the perfect accompaniment to the festivities of Dionysus.

Our Recommendations

  • A part of our Refresher range of Jun.
  • If you are new to Jun begin with 250ml per day. Slowly increasing over time.
  • If you are an avid fermented drink user then you can have as much as 500ml per day.
  • Can be added to any smoothie base to really boost your green smoothie power.
  • A great drink with friends or in quenching your thirst.
  • The perfect bottle to take to dinner as a stunning display of health and vitality.