Wellness is, so many things.

We all want a healthy gut right.

Its become an obsessive media pull right now, with every moment working towards our gut.

It’s new - well not really - but it’s a new revelation to our being well and it’s asking everyone to step up and into a space where we not only consider our gut, but perhaps start to consider it more than we normally would.

But in my world - from the space that I connect to in healing the whole person - I know we actually want more than this, we want to find peace and a space of serenity and function within the body and it is now that we are seeing that all of this is in tune together.  We want wellness, but not without wellbeing.  We need them both to be truly well.

I know, it sounds too much to consume. 

At the moment so many are still trying to get their heads around the GUT being more than just a feed machine that you shovel whatever you want into.

I get it. 

Where once you were asked to simply think of calories or the pyramid.  Now we are asking you to consider so many more factors.


we are asking you to take responsibility, be mindful and think from your bodies needs not from your own wants.

Its a seemingly hard task, but only so until you form new habits into your already steady rituals.

The key finding of all that we have discovered, is that a Vitalistic approach - a functional approach that sees the whole being of bodymindsoul as one - can accurately work towards attaining the wellness and the wellbeing that everyone is seeking.

Which means, that we have to focus on more than one thing at a time.  Yes it is an internal form of multitasking, but you do have so many important ‘systems’ within to guide you.  This isn't a go it alone job.  It is a highly tuned listen and respond job.

The ways forward cannot simply focus on one area as it has in the past. 

It cannot simply be about what we are eating and the impacts of that because it is so much more.

Yes it is eat more fibre.  

Find the foods that are fibrous and the right way to prepare them so they not only add fibre but also gain prebiotic benefits.

Yes it is also about eating colour.  

To engage in as much variety of in season fresh and wholesome colourful foods.

Yes it is about eating a variety of grains in a variety of ways.

Not just wheat as bread - but rye and oats and rice, quinoa and foloni that you can get as a grain or flakes and makes using them more than bread.

And yes - it is about finding more options for protein.

Discovering more than just chicken pork beef and seafood.  There’s legumes and beans and they're good for you and fun to create with.

So whilst yes food has a HUGE role to play ….

…. if we continue to smoke,

…. or damage our body with alcohol in excess,

…. if we are having too much coffee daily, 

…. if we aren't exercising, 

…. if we are continuing to push our body and mind past reasonable stress levels,i

…. f we ignore the importance of sleep and rest and recuperation, 

…. if we continue to burn the candle at both ends,

…. if we continue to ignore our gut instincts and not make our hearts desires heard 


…. if we cannot speak our soul truth

Then we are never going to find wellness, and without wellness, we make it harder to allow and open to wellbeing.

The answer? I heard you ask??

We need to link more towards our bodies evidence than sciences evidence - we are all unique - all things matter - everything is connected - there is no separation.

All things on a macro level are the same on a micro internal level. 

Basically we have to begin to be brave, step up and save ourselves first!

By save ourselves first I am saying we have to be our saucier when it comes to creating the wellness for our life.  we have to listen, we have to respond, we have to defend, we have to protect, we have to step up.  

Quite simply no one else can feel or hear what is happening on the inside and only we know when something is wrong, out of whack, not quite right, or even really really wrong.

And we have to begin now.

Lets quickly just talk about what happened if we don't begin now.

We stay in pain.

We stay with discomfort.

We stay with illness and dis-ease.

we stay with mental health concerns.

we stay overloaded

We stay unhappy


You get the picture?

If we don't begin then we will continue to have gut issues - which in turn will impeded our mental health and in turn cause disconnect from our soul and our ability to find well-being and inner peace.

And there are so many factors within our body that all of this then impacts.

Like our immune system.

The guys and gals that are running around within us everyday working had to defend our body.

And whilst once upon a time immune attention was given to the lymph nodes and the spleen and our white cell count.. NOW.. we recognise the gut.  NOW we also recognise discontent, unhappiness and shallow meaningless lives.

And the thing is - this is like the chicken and the egg scenario.  

In that we cannot separate the beginning - because it is all so intricately ONE that there is no beginning and end - it is a finite continuum that loops through us from our very beginning.

In that every aspect impacts every aspect. 

We cannot truly say where it begins, where any disruption may begin.  Is it a soul unhappiness that first begins the gut to feel anxious creating a lower immune system or is it the gut working through pathogens that intern impacts our mental health.

There is no definitive answer - and for me one is not necessary - for the cure comes in working with every aspect as ONE and not one over the other.

SO - back to the highly functional vitalistic approach to working on our bodymindsoul as one in the journey of wellness to wellbeing.  

This is the journey we take from the physical to the conscious connection.  And we cannot attain that without working on every level not as a separate entity.  It is all one - without separation and we need to work with it as such.

Your job, is to love yourself enough to step into this.  The sooner the better, because you are the only one really highly trained enough to look out for you.  And arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can about you.


Know thyself is so much more relevant than ever before!

This is a matter of health and wellness, and it is a matter of happiness and wellbeing.

And you are the beginning.

Then we will help guide you with the rest.

Always here, with love.