Build a Team

Let’s get a few things straight about the ability to finding wellness and wellbeing. 

First. There’s no miracle one fix does it all cure.  But there is a lot of false statements and promises to make us think that.  

Secondly. There’s no one person whose going to have all the answers to us gaining or maintaining our wellness. 

Other than ourselves!

At this point in time and heading into the future we HAVE to become far more proactive towards our own wellness and wellbeing.  We have to take ownership to give us the greatest insight the greatest advantage towards being well for our life.

Because this is how its going to be.  Research we have read for a long time and is only truly being listened to now, tells us that health and wellbeing, is only going to succeed at a personalised approach.

We simply have to step up!

Then We build a team.  

We begin to create the space in which we feel heard and seen.  A space where those who are in our team, actually are paying as much attention to us, as we are.  

And if the people we’re seeing now don’t want a team then we need to rethink their integrity.  

First of all you need a translator - someone that helps you figure out - what it is you are hearing and seeing in your body.

This is not a simple task.  It is someone empowering you to listen and learn.  Someone who is saying you are the KEY STAKE HOLDER you are the only one who truly knows whats going on.  Who then translates for you.  Body mind and soul, who can help you to navigate your way through what your body is telling you.

We need orthodox medical practitioners. Aka a Dr.  

We need someone for teeth - a dentist. 

We need then to make a choice specifically for our nutrition. A dietician or a nutritionist or naturopath or herbalist. 

We need to have a chiropractor and physio and acupuncturist who at least knows who we are, for when a time may come because alignment is essential.  

We need to choose a massage therapist or maybe you’d prefer Kinesiology.

And finally a counsellor or psychologist of some description.

All sitting at the same table 

But none of this will be effective if we aren't using our own smarts.  If we aren't paying attention and listening to our whole being.

We need to be aware and take full responsibility for our wellness. 

Because we are the subject, the lesson, the learning and the healing. We are also the only ones who knows what’s happening and we are the sole informant to the others. We have to know what’s happening to be able to get clarity on where things are going wrong. 

We also need to smarten up and starting dumping old habits like diets. 

Its time for rituals, based on good habits!

And finding ways to make our whole life healthier. 

Not just food. Exercise. Mental health. Soul healing. Everything. 

How do I use this team?

Well lets be clear, in making this list we can also find those who cross over, those who have knowledge in a few areas and may be able to assist us in a few things.  As well, we may find that certain practitioners are already connected and have a solid base as a talking team.

But here’s a basic plan.

Dentists should be seen at least once a year (and any specific time a problem arises).  We grossly underestimate the role of oral health in both preventing and sustaining our entire overall health.

Doctors should be seen at least one a year (and any specific time a need arises).  These visits check over blood pressure and blood tests for a whole array of results. I am more than happy to show the list of everything I ask for and get clients to ask for at this stage.

Chiropractors should be a yearly trip as well (and any specific time a issue arises that is skeletal).  The alignment of our body and spine is essential to the energy flow through out the body as well as being able to prevent muscle issues when we have pulled or twisted and turned our spine out of alignment.  You may prefer to use an acupuncturist at this point.

Physiotherapists are for me when I need them if any muscle injury has occurred.

Massage therapists, a good one, should be at least 4 times a year.  Its not only relaxing but it really helps to stimulate the body and its own ability to health and flow.  If you prefer Kinesiology then I would place them in here.

Counsellor or Psych  should be at the minimum 2 times a year UNLESS issues arise.  IF or when the need of increased stress and anxiety or grief and loss comes to hand then we should take the time to work through that issue when it happens.  Regardless of if we think we have things to release or talk about, you will be surprised how much we hold onto and this is a HUGE reason for many other issues to rise.

Nutrition wise, whatever person you choose, I say use them to get yourself in a space of knowing whats needed and then you will only need them IF things get out of whack.

Listen and learn!

We can never underestimate the power we hold as to our wellness and wellbeing.  

We have it all within us.

We are the hero in this journey.

The absolute only true saviour when it comes to preventing and curing our wellness and wellbeing.  

All we need to do is find the right team to work with us to help us prevent and sustain a well balanced body mind and soul.

With Love x