Planning for Wellness.

If theres one thing I am forever told when working with wellness.  

It is that wellness is hard!  

Well its not wellness thats hard ITS CHANGE.  

Making any changes to our life can be really difficult.  The reason wellness can feel hard is because it may be that we have been walking a path that isn’t too connected to wellness - and so it seems a long way back.  

Even those who have only a few things to change to better align their wellness can still find it difficult.  

Thats why PLANNING for wellness is the only way to make it happen.  

And theres so many ways in which we can plan for wellness.

Planned wellness is wellness achieved - its that simple.  

If you want to make these changes you‘ve got to plan for them to achieve them.  Just like everything else we want to succeed at. 

Theres so many things I could talk about as to ‘what we can plan’ 

  • We can plan our food, right down to how we shop, meal preparation, and what when and how we eat.

  • We can plan our exercise, what fits in better or best.  What type, what day, how long for.

  • We can plan to take time out.  Time for meditating or just stressing less.

  • We can plan for fun.  Activities just for pure enjoyment.

  • We can plan for learning more.  Educating ourselves on a new subject keeps the mind active and alert.  It could be a language, a hobby, or taking up a new field of study.

  • We can plan to be more active in the community and take part in events that allow us to connect .

  • We can plan date nights - with ourselves, with friends or with partners.

All of these are valuable things to plan when it comes to wellness.  Because all of them make up our wellness.

This is what makes wellness feel hard.

Because essentially wellness - as a whole - is our whole life.

Our life balanced out - juggled - to fit in the best ways for us to feel alive, full of vitality and happy.

So ‘hard’ is the word used for wellness because it’s so many things to change.  There is not one person who couldn't tweak at least one of the above.

And so too much change is hard.

Its overwhelming.

It feels difficult.

It feels exhausting and it can feel restrictive more than it can feel positive.

We all know that change never feels good whilst you are in it, it only feels good on the other side!

So, I am going to simply say LETS DO ONE! 

If we start with one off the list.  And it doesn't have to be the biggest one.

Just one.

One that feels achievable and that will keep you inspired by staying on course with it.

Like just one right now.  

You can start with making a list of things that you think you’d change to move towards greater wellness.

That list will continue for as long as we are all alive!

But as it grows in new things - all the old things will be ticked off.

(I say keep the list to show you all you have achieved!)

The most success we will have with wellness is to go slow and steady at it.

Attempt to change too many things and it will be too hard!  

Make your way steadily, staying the course and we each nudge a little closer.

Two things to remember.

  1. Its a juggle as much as a balance.The seesaw is always moving and adjusting and altering so its not about not having or finding the perfect balance that stays still.

  2. Theres always going to be things to ‘do better’ so don't work for any form of perfect as so much changes in so many ways each and every day.  Learn to listen and work with your body mind and soul rather than being controlling of it. Perfect is what can be done right now that best suits your wellness needs now!

Just one!

Lets just do one - right now!