The way of wellness is a pathway that we all seek in life. We all seek to be well.

Wellness provides us with the ability to live a life that is full of connection and joy.

We know when our health is great, we are able to cope better with life, move more in life and enjoy every moment of life.

There is nothing that wellness doesn’t bring to our journey.

With wellness in our body we are able to ‘keep up’ in life, we can explore and be curious about life, to travel or go on adventures. We can experience more with family and friends and we can feel great at the end of the day.

With wellness in our mind we find clarity. It comes as calm, and in this it is felt as a stress free, happy space, not without knowing the highs and lows of life, but being able to move through them. It holds a positive outlook and it holds a future. When we are working from a well mind, we are allowing ourselves to step out of anxiety and depression, to remove ourselves from old patterns and beliefs and to journey towards greater calm.

With wellness within our soul we reconnect to feeling. It is the ability to feel. To not just feel, but to accept feeling and to allow ourselves to rise from them. It is reconnection to gut instinct. It is conscious connection. Stepping out of mind and body and being able to find silence and emptiness that we are willing to sit within. It is the want to reconnect at a deeper level to all that is around and be willing to honour who we are within it.

The act of wellness is experienced on so many levels within us, and it is the balance that we seek day to day.

The balance of life, Is found through wellness. It is found in being committed to allowing every aspect of our lives to connect to each other and to thrive off each other.

It is our work life, home life, relationships.

It is our own relationship to our heart and soul.

It is, allowing our emotions and feelings.

It is our commitment to exercise and movement and It is the connection to community.

All of this, interwoven, threaded together to seek out balance.

The foundation of this, is in our connection to it.

When we are willing to connect to our body mind and soul and to reach out and connect to everyone around us we find a new level of wellness.

When we connect we recognise the pain or the joy that is in each and every part of our lives. In recognising it, we can then act on it to make the changes needed to bring balance back into our lives.

It is always going to be a juggle.

There are so many components of who we are and how we live that have to be taken into account and it is never going toe balanced perfectly.

The act of balancing life is more like a seesaw than it is a perfectly weighted set of scales!

But balance in wellness is achievable to some degree.

We just have to be willing to step up and make it a priority. And being hardcore with who we allow into this balancing act.

The why of connection is a huge component to true wellness.

In fact I would go so far as to say we are never truly complete without connections. Yes we are whole as our own self, but in wellness, we are a part of a whole bigger than ourselves. And it is a critical component.

To bring our truth to the table to dine with everyone. To be seen and experienced with an open heart and soul. With a willing heart and soul. In this connecting to each other we find more of who we are.

And then we come to know the great importance that is connection to life. The celebration of life. The immense and profound depth we find in being together — in uniting — in rejoicing — in celebrating. That in conversation we discover pieces of ourselves within each other and we expose more of ourselves. We uncover and unlock sides of who we are and bring that to the joy of connection.

We need connection in our wellness. For it is in BEING that we really live. Our own wellness journey unites with our wellBEING so that we can merge into a collective. So that we can come together again as a whole.

This is perhaps the greatest link to wellness, and why I come to you from this space, of culture and connection, to unite.

The how of connection in wellness is all about finding community.

Opening ourselves to each other and all of us. It is in being open and diverse. It is actively seeking like minded people as well as those who are going to challenge us to expand.

It is taking a few risks, being curious and allowing ourselves to step through the fear. To know that each person we seek to meet if we approach them with the same open heart and mind we want them to greet us with we can unite.

Wellness is always going to be a part of our journey.

Because without it we aren’t thriving, we are simply existing.

The beginning is to step into a space of truth with our own lives and pulling each little parcel of our living out of our pockets and truly being honest with it.

Take each of these:

  • Health

  • Relationships — then divide them into friends family and lover

  • Work

  • Career

  • Money

  • Emotions

  • Mental health

  • Connections

And spend a moment looking at them. Give them a rating out of 10 of how happy you are with each. Question each piece. Look to see what may be really tipping the scales for you to bring things out of balance — and work to DO what needs to be done in order for wellness to come back to your life.


seek out help and support.

This isn’t something we work through alone!