The way in which we BE, is not subject to only one way or one aspect of our Self or our Life.

It is all things and all components working together.

There is not a way that you can say, ‘I can make it only focusing on one piece of me’, for all of you is necessary to truly connect and all of you is necessary to complete the whole.

It is in the wholeness that we find the true way of being.

And it is our way of finding this wholeness that creates the life in which we BE.

And this is of course one of the challenges of Life. That we have to acknowledge the pieces of our own Self that create the structure to the way in which we BE.

That we have to open and allow each piece of our Self, and to work with each piece to truly resonate as a whole.

So how the heck do we do this?

It all comes back to the Way. The way in which we live, the way in which we allow and the way in which we accept all things.

The way we do each of these, determines the WAY in which we all act out our Life and play out our time and role.

In it being all things, we have to accept all things as being.

This may sound confusing, but first within the moment of acceptance that all things impact on our way of being, we come to realise the greatness for the need to be really particular with all that comes into our life.

Without this, we find we are constantly opening to ideas, ways, paths, journeys, thoughts, people WITHOUT realising or acknowledging the impact it has upon us.

That what we eat holds impact upon us.

That what we think has impact upon us.

That what we say and read and listen to and take in — all holds huge impact upon us.

That every person within our life has impact upon us.

All of this affects our being. It impacts on our WAY.

Because what it IS determines if it adds or takes from our wholeness.

So, there is much for us to be aware of, to truly connect with the whole.

And so much for us to connect with for it to be whole.

And this is what we call Life.

The amount of attention we pay to our wholeness determines our Way of BEING.

You can see this in any one that you look at around you. You may even be able to see it within your own life.

Look at your Way of BEING. Being present, being you, being seen, being heard, all the ways in which you come into this Life every day, and you can see if who you are / they are, of the whole.

Does what you do, take into account all of who you are?

In your every dayness do you represent all of you in some way?

In what you eat, or say or do.. in your approach to people, your manner, your BEING, are you true to the whole of you?


What gets left behind everyday?

What parts of the whole do you forget about?

What gets missed?

Is it health? Is it your body wellbeing? Is it your Mind health? Is it the you have left behind your purpose and are struggling to fit into a place and space that isn’t you?

Your way is in the essence of your everyday.

Your Way is in the WHOLENESS of your BEING

Maybe its time to start to look at your Way, and the wholeness that you bring to being your greatest you?

When you are ready, I am here!