The Way of Wellness


There are so many ways in which we give to life, and so many ways in which life takes from us.  Many of which - we cannot control.  Our energy is always being tried and tested as we play out our day to day.

Of course we can be aware of this and consciously activate and deactivate the things, people and moments we give energy over to, but lets face it - sadly few of us walk around consciously aware of our energy at every moment.  

What this means is that there are times and instances where we can be tapped by rogue ‘suckers’ draining our energy.

This also means that in those moments we are more defenceless to the energy of dis-ease, discomfort, illness, and other wayward lurgies.  

This in addition means that the state of our emotions during these times also plays a huge part in our wellness and in our defence.  We simply cannot and should not forget the impact that emotion has on our ability to stay well.  

So what can we do, to be mindful of how we can consciously defend our bodies at all times?  Maintain our wellness at all times?

Well you may be surprised at all the things on my list, because maybe you don't see them all as being ‘builders’ or ‘defenders’ of your wellness, but this is the complexity that is wellness - it is every aspect of body mind and soul that we need to take into account. 

Here’s a few tips.

  1. We can begin by knowing our state of health

  • visit your choice of professional. This could be a Doctor, a Naturopath, an Herbalist, an Integrative Medical Practitioner where you can understand where you are at. Its integral to know the foundation you have right now to start with. So, first of all get your bloods done to establish where your health levels are at. Depending results they may have further ideas as to specific remedies you can begin to use. But talk to someone and begin the journey of getting to know you - and where your wellness is at right now, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • From there, you can begin to explore a few great ideas that you can do yourself, You can take the time to get to understand the results you just got. Don’t be blindsided into thinking that everyone is paying attention to only your needs - you have to be the leading expert on you.

  • You can become more familiar with your local farmers market and find wholesome goodness in your foods and reconnect to the direct path of farmer to fridge!

  • If it resonates you can use more herbs in your day to day routines. The amount of herbal power we have in our kitchens already is crazy as we just don't use it. Get them out of the cupboard and start using them. All of them have so many benefits simply being wasted sitting on a shelf and all of them have immune boosting benefits in a way that cant hurt you by simply sprinkling them into your meals.

2.   Vitamin D has been recognised as a low reporting vitamin.  After all our conscious efforts ( if you were one who did) with staying out of the sun and covering up - we now find ourselves in a need for a Vitamin D boost.  Boost your Vitamin D naturally when the sun appears, take a stroll and take a seat to absorb the wonderful warmth and Vitamin D boost.  Doing this before 10am and after 3pm ( or 4pm if daylight savings) are the perfect times to do this with the sun at its lower peaks for heat.  But get outdoors - thats the one single thing to gain from the sun, being outside.  Interacting with nature.  Get dirty.  Get the suns rays.  

3.  I can’t harp enough about Self Care.  Its the essential immune building ingredient.  Without it all else fails.  Stop. Listen. What does your ‘being’ - body mind or soul need most this day - how can you give to it? There’s so many options to choose from and only you know the one right for this day for you.  In fact these ideas on this list may not even have your ‘thing’ on it! So don't buy into someone else’s form of self care unless it is actually the right caring for you.

  • You can go for luxury - by having a spa or sauna

  • If you have a bath - dive on in and release muscle tension and stress from your body

  • If you are in need of stress management look for ways to re-balance your energy centres and release stress and overwhelm.

  • Find a counsellor -everyone should have one on their team - it counts as self care.

  • Exercise – outside … walking, running, bike riding or maybe you prefer inside … then head to the gym, do pilates or yoga … all help to keep a wellness level and oxygen flowing through the bloodstream to keep your defence system strong and brain on top of its game.

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques – deep belly breathing and stillness are so powerful in maintaining your presence in the moment. Health benefits are many when you commit to a regular practice.

4.  All that goodness from the farmers markets?  get serious in the kitchen and cook up a storm of healthy meals to help prevent you from snacking on unhealthy foods.  Make eating a mindful activity and become more conscious of the role food and drink plays in your wellness.  Like its THAT IMPORTANT

5. Its enormously important to catch ourselves in what we put into our bodies in every way.  That means not just food - but in thoughts and people and energy and places.  Everything holds impact on our being and we can make conscious decisions about what we are taking in and get rid of the things that are holding us down.

6.  Speaking of which - we rarely think of our own self-talk as a way that we deplete our own energy and resources.  But that negative little voice that allows pessimistic thoughts to creep in makes a huge impact on our wellness. Regularly check in with yourself to stay

self-aware and prompt yourself to change your thought patterns. If you already know what your negative voice tells you, take a little time to think of uplifting, positive thoughts that you can use when that negative pops in. Even take the time to place reminders to yourself of how wonderful you are around where you can see them.

7.  CONNECT  I just cant emphasise enough the importance of connection.  It impacts everything in so many ways.  Be social and stay social.  Staying in touch with friends and

having contact with people is important to keep you in your happy zone. Regular catch up with friends, walking/playing with the dog, listening to your favourite music or podcasts, joining a group of interest with like-minded people are just a few of many ways to stay connected.

8.  Get creative – finding time to pursue our passions is enormously important to the meaning of life, and the more creative they are the more stimulated we become.  No great passions on your list?  Why not take some time then to explore new things that may become a passion that has been laying dormant in your ‘to do one day’ box. A new project ticks lots of boxes for achievement, enjoyment, satisfaction and fun.

9.   Learn to say yes and no!  If you are one of those people who works non-stop to get as much done as possible, who says ‘yes’ to everyone and takes on more than what you can do and carries a lot of stress at work … then you need to learn about no.  NO has great value in our defences because it protects us.  Sometimes it is simply about learning some strategies to bring balance into your day by balancing the yes and the no. There is a lot of evidence that shows we are much more productive after taking some time out from the hard slog you’ve said yes to.  Learn when to say no - no more and walk away from what you’re doing – take regular mini- breaks, stretch, eat, drink, get some fresh air and most importantly take a few long deep belly breaths.  Then you can say yes to engaging back into work again.

10.  Learn how to go slow.  From an early age we think that going fast is all the jam.  We think we get their faster and achieve more and can do everything when we do it fast.  Learning how and when to go slow means you know when to honour yourself and take a breath and fall into a stillness that nourishes you for the next stage.

Whilst we may have learnt that wellness is our most important asset and that we need to work our way to having greater wellness, we also need to learn how to protect it.

How to maintain it.

How to value it as this important asset.

We do this by making it a way of being.  That it is in our thoughts and actions everyday and consciously we are caring for it.