This one's for you.

THIS being wellness.  A decision to begin. Or a decision to get back on track .  Or a decision to stay the course.

It’s for you.

Its that moment when we decide, or maybe realise - that we are responsible - solely - and that we are the ones who have to take the helm and steer into this new direction.

You are doing this for you and in truth its one of the reasons that makes wellness a challenge - as doing good things for ourselves is a rarity. 

I would say theres two reasons why stepping into wellness is hard.  Maybe I will make that 3.

The first is because we have to make that choice by ourself for ourself.  The second because its an open act of self love and the third because it means we have to ACT on it for it to be actual.

What do each of these mean?

The gift to choose.

We forget that our ability to choose is a gift.  I am not sure how many other living beings get to make a choice.  But we do - and right or wrong - is what we make of it.  Its either up or down, every choice leads us in either direction.  BUT the good thing about choices is that we can make a new one every day that leads us in the other direction.

The hard choice however always seems to be when we have to make a decision that is right for us.  This isn't seemingly simple decisions, this is about making choices that we alone have to make - deep within our own being to walk towards something that is going to be not only good for us but determine so much more of our life.  Its hard because these kind of decisions we often make without anyone else tagging along - some may say they will ‘join the gym with you’ for a while but always something comes up in their life and you are left at the mat on your own.  This choice again says - am I doing this for me - or not.

The choice of love.

Love is one of those words we have come to know only ever really meant anything if it was an action.  To say I love you whilst being beaten was never an act of love.  To say I love you whilst being held in a moment of sadness or joy was always an act of love.

But self love - that runs deeper still.  It is about actioning our own love for our own self. With wellness it is an choice of self love.  The choice (see above) of wellness is the journey and action of self love.  It is recognising that without you loving yourself enough to choose this path and steady upon it you will never ever get there.

The ACT of love

With wellness, actually scratch that. With all things in life.  Things only get done by an action.  We have to DO in order for things to become.  We have the ability to dream but we cant dream ourselves on its own - without action dreams stay a wish.  With action they become reality.  Whenever I am prompted to action it reminds me that whatever I am dreaming I must act on - do something - anything to begin that process. And so the action of loving the self is putting into place that choice and the decision to love yourself.  Which is tough right.  We think of selfishness.  How dare I do this for me. Like what does it even mean to love yourself enough to care and to believe in your worth?  It means taking responsibility for your whole being in your lifetime.

And I can list ways  perhaps you already do - because you can place them into something other than ‘doing it for yourself’. Like the time we take to connect with friends indulging in a girls/guys night out - or buying a ‘treat’ or two with coffee.  We can often allow ourselves that ‘must have’ as an item of clothing or a spend that feels good.  The problem is that RARELY do we do acts of goodness for ourselves that are just a decision for ourselves based on ourselves for what we need.

And thats what wellness is.  Its a stand.  A commitment.  A determination that will require resilience, to stay the course.

Staying the course

It’s possibly harder than making the choice to begin.  The choice to stay the course is about resilience.  It’s about allowing time and space for things to heal slowly - not overnight - it’s about allowing things to come to the surface and then actually dealing with them so they can be released - it’s about caring enough that you can endure and endure and endure ‘this’ and that slowly you notice how well you are and how you have changed and how when once you began a journey that was all about you becomes your way of being and that this in turn becomes all about everyone around you and all of life period.

Its a buzz word right!

I get that THIS wellness can feel a little ‘fad like’ in that it seems the thing to do - but lets be really clear on this.  Its not a fad. Its been around for eons - we are slow on the uptake of how important it is in how we play out our game of life.  I am perhaps going to be even more risqué to say its been there all along and perhaps seemingly taken from our sights by the greed and power of others trying to make us move to their drum.  Its like the real pieces of truth that we are uncovering about our own self and how we must take ownership of our life and how it pans out and how we navigate it is coming back to our view now.

Its like we are finally seeing what was always there, and empowering ourselves enough to take hold.

Nothing from this moment forward is going to make better your life than you owning it.

Than you being responsible for it.

And our wellness - the fullness and the wholeness of our bodymindsoul must be and can only be driven by ourselves and we must hole accountable every act we take from this moment on.

Our health and wellness and wellbeing from this moment on will be as personalised and as true and successful as only we make it.

That choice that we have to make is a matter of our life and our death. Literally.

Thats a big line but when you think of what NOT having wellness means - in sickness and in pain and in disability and without work and the spiral and the hell we would drive ourselves to, its a very relevant line.

Its for you - this one is completely for you about you and can only be chosen by you.

Can you do that?