Metaphysics and Wellness


Why do we seek wellness?

Its a great question we may answer with — for the most part — one of a few reasons.

The first may be about longevity — I want to live a long life — so I can fill it with adventuring to all the places I want to go and to see all I want to see.

The second may be about energy — I want to be able to move and run and have energy for my kids or for my spouse and I to seek adventure!

Some people may think about it in terms of looks. That wellness represents a ‘look’.

But in truth what it truly represents is a feel.

And that feeling is one that breathes easy, is clear of mind and is pain free.

Pain free is something we all seek. At any point we have encountered pain we know how debilitating it is.

We also know how much of a cost it is to time and money and our own mental wellbeing to be well. Illness and disease is a drag!

Simply we are talking about the pain of suffering and the elation of the very thought of healing.

A well body — is a body in a state and space of connection to its health and function and flow. It is a state where constant healing is not only present but it is fluid and awakened.

In a state of discomfort, dis-ease or distress we encounter challenges and obstacles that can take us on a slow walk to hell and back. Only making it back if we have sturdy shoes (more aptly described as a sturdy soul) for the journey.

Healing in wellness of body mind and soul is the relief of what seems an endless journey. Where we return to a time and space of wellness, of being able to experience joy and happiness. Lets face it pain is debilitating. Be it a tooth ache, head ache or back ache, be it the ache of a disease running rampant through our body or of the soul that longs to be on purpose, the scale of pain can never be measured.

But healing can be measured and it can be given the same experience of elation by all who experience it, It simply is a gift.

Healing can take place in many ways. And it is because of this, that we seek to be well. Thats we seek wellness.

The many pathways of healing may be taken through therapy or from traditional to allopathic treatment methods, but what is often missed in our urgency to be healed, is the lessons of the illness, and what the healing journey can offer that.

It is this simple path that truly works us into wellness and leads us towards wellbeing.

I get a great deal of frustration within me when I read the marketing hype of those claiming to heal someone, when in truth it is only us who can heal ourselves, and so I wanted to share, short, quick notes as to the main highlights we can open ourselves to in order to create some form of truth in the connection to healing. Because in connection to this, and in finding this space within ourselves — we walk taller towards wellness knowing we are in charge.

Why the illness?

I guess the place to begin is in first accepting that here, in this time, as physical beings, our bodies and minds are the recipients of most of the lessons that we encounter. Every encounter, every experience, every moment is a piece of the process of what we learn in our lifetime. What we also need to understand is that healing cannot, and will not take place until the lesson has been learnt, or mastered, or overcome.

What is a lesson?

You may not of thought that being well — is an act not simply by chance — but continually by choice through our own paying attention and making the right moves in our lives. Wellness is our bodies ability to function and flow in harmony and for that harmony to allow us fluid motion. And its a matter of energy as much as it is about bacteria.

We can say for certain that we know bacteria is within an illness but consistently it has not been answered why only some may encounter the illness similarly exposed to others.

And this is where energy, pathways, and life lessons comes into play.

From a metaphysical perspective we find more answers.

When energetically our vibration is not in alignment with our truth, our purpose or our path we encounter illness. The illness is our lesson to learn. This lesson we can unravel, through observing where the illness lies and what it is asking of us. It is an opportunity to grow and find self love, a journey to heart and soul. We all encounter lessons in life, in fact it is easy to say that LIFE is the lesson. That through lifetimes we travel and experience to discover our truth. A lesson will never leave our body or our journey unless we’ve learnt the lesson. It may at times subside, but unless we continue to act in our new way with our new mindset the lesson will return to dig in a little deeper to make us take note.

What is healing?

Physically — it is wellness — a return to our bodies state of wellness.

Metaphysically healing is the space of pure truth and life in which we discover our own self and move away from the negative traits and energies towards a new pathway. For some it is simply relief from an ailment, for others it is a deeper connection to spirit or energy or God or a greater entity that allows them a clear connection to becoming more aligned to their truth.

What it isn’t, is a simple cure.

Lets be clear, it isn’t a cure at all without the person with the ailment doing the work. And this is true in either an allopathic or traditional practice.

Ultimately only you can heal yourself. Research continues to highlight with the placebo affect the great impact the mindset has on healing.

The more we research the greater we see connection of gut to mind and mind to gut we understand the great impact required for our mental wellness to be in play for any imaginable health to be found and maintained.

There’s a few essential connections.

Whatever path you are choosing to wellness we are all seeking to find it. IT the space of a healed and clear and flowing body mind and soul.

What I offer is a few thoughts here in either direction.

However you are finding your path — wellness, healing opens doorways for wellness to happen. Further to that no one — no matter their profession or qualification — can simply heal you without a few crucial factors. First is your clear knowing of what you are moving away from and moving towards. Second is the belief in what you are moving away from and moving towards. Third is the commitment to the work of maintaining that new pathway. Without these in place, illness will return and as it is a lesson that perhaps we haven’t paid attention to, they tend to hit harder each time to wake us up.

What you must do?

Is it possible to know your path? Of course it is. Is it possible to know the lesson? Absolutely.

Take the time before you begin, to understand the lesson and to accept what needs to be done. Then, believe in the ability for that to be healed. For wellness to step in. Be prepared to do the work and continue to do the work required for you to stay within your new space of truth and love.

What healers must do?

No matter your choice of method or person to be alongside you on your journey to heal. I add this so that you can look for someone upholding this great gift in the highest manner. If you are aware, you will find that which is right for you. Embrace those who acknowledge that they have a role to play and are simply acting with you for wellness to find its way.

Do I seek wellness?

You may think this is a ridiculous question.

My final thought may seem to be contradictory on some levels.

But hopefully I articulate myself clearly enough that you can understand. You shouldn’t be healed! You should never ask or seek to be healed without clear acceptance of the lesson. Because thats the point of life, to learn. To ask for healing — to seek a path of wellness — without any knowledge of the lesson and for simply a greater reward of life, you will find tougher, more challenging lessons will appear to tackle that task of teaching. You wont be healed without this.

What is offered to us is the physical or mental illness as simply a clue as to what the true underlying issue really is — where it is — how it impacts us etc. This tells us what the causation may be and what lesson needs to be learnt, what question answered, what energy healed. You wont be healed without you being prepared to take the journey of the lesson. Any healer seeking to ‘heal’ you for their own glory is only damaging you on a deeper level without you having this understanding and acceptance.

As time moves forward and all forms of healers becomes a more common thread of healing, it is important for us to each know the truth of what is offered and what is capable. Can great healing occur? Of course we hear about miracles every day. It is an emphatic Yes, absolutely. But only with you in the full space of truly knowing what the illness or disease is asking of you.