It's in your hands

The future of wellness lies in our own hands. Simple? Maybe on the surface yes, but it requires you being called to task.

I know that this very responsible act scares the shit out of most of us — because sit is so much easier to just walk in to a DR and hold them accountable — BUT — truth behind that is — it can only be our responsibility in the beginning.

So what do we do with that?

I simply can’t express to you enough how over the next few years ‘this’ — us being wholly responsible for our wellness — is going to truly come to the fore, and if you aren’t going to begin now, you will find yourself even more lost in the years to come.

Sound dramatic? Well I hope at the very least it sounds urgent. Urgent enough that you stop and look at your responsibility within your own journey of wellness.

Yes, I always encourage you to accept that any act of wellness is a piece of your journey of self love, what I want to do is expand on WHY that is so. It isn’t just because you are caring for you, taking time for you, loving you. It is because YOU are the only one who is going to be able to determine your wellness from this point on.

Essentially it has always been this way

Yes I realise that, but until now, we have been blindsided by a few untruths that have called us to the sidelines of being lead in directions that was never about us, and always about the money gain for those involved. But from this year on, as truth is being called to the fore more and more, we will find that in medicine, in healing, in any form of wellness, that we will ultimately have our own self taking the lead.

Does this scare you? Does this make you think — holy crap I don’t know enough.. or holy crap why would I listen to myself when theres all those people who can just tell me?

Well — if it doesn’t scare you I would be even more concerned

Because it is that little scare now that is potentially going to kick you in the butt to move you to action.

Let me explain a little more. Research is heavily revealing that whilst we can all assume that certain and specific types of food or ways of eating are generally better for us. What you need to know is that this generic term is indeed generic, as an overall statement that leads us all. As a ‘best we can offer’ statement that will cover all grounds and all people. BUT it isnt always the very best for each of us.

What is good for one will NEVER be perfect for another. Rarely is it going to be the solution. Because everyone of us has a completely separate make up, and even more a very very individual microbiome that resets constantly — meaning all we do impacts us greatly and often quite quickly — meaning only we can keep up with that and respond to that.

I can ramble for hours on this alone — BUT — whats best right now is a what do I do?

Well amongst your New Years resolutions — which by now most have slipped away — I am asking you to find firstly TIME.

Time to sit and know you. To listen to you to observe you. So that you know you.

This knowledge is your best ally to your wellness and greatest defence to disease.It is everything.

You know how you wish you had that edge, that one thing that would make all the difference THIS IS IT!

Know you and be prepared to keep working on observing and knowing you until you die. Truly — without this knowledge you are defenceless in your efforts to find your wellness.

What sort of things do you want to know?


Moods and emotions — how do they affect you and your body and your eating.

Foods — what fills you what fuels you what depletes you. Foods that bloat you and those that stimulate you too quickly. Foods that you crave those you feel nauseas over the ones that you really enjoy.

What drinks you can handle and how much and when.

What cycles does your body move through?

What is stress doing to your body, watch it, what is it doing to your ability to function.

What fatigues you what energises you… are you getting the picture?

Even whats my poop like! Truly if you aren’t looking at your shit by now and working out if its good shit or not — then you aren’t working on wellness. Google a copy of the BRIX chart for stools and look and see where you are at

Then I ask that you find STRENGTH.

Strength to be your own guide.

To be your own leader. YES I know this scares the shit out of you, because you have always had someone else to rely on, to blame, to ask, to use as your main sail, BUT it is only you who can do this.

Because a truth about wellness is that it belongs to each of us individually

It isn’t something we find through a Dr who isn’t in tune with our body nor is it found following someone who says they’ve cured themselves ..

Only you can find your path of wellness. PERIOD!

We can all be inspired and motivated by the paths of others but we will always need to tweak everything we discover to find our own way.

Lastly -

Aside from time and strength that you place into your plans for this new year COMMIT to your wellness.

In this. You find a journey of self love

It is a glorious journey.

But it is only going to begin when you commit to time and strength to continue with it ..

It’s only you that can save you. That can create your life. That can bring you to wellness and happiness

You are responsible.

Only you can be your saviour amongst the battles that life will bring. YES be supported by all of us around you, be inspired by stories of others, be motivated to go an extra mile but do it your way. Know that your greatest asset in this will be the support you gather along the way, so don’t be shy to reach out and talk and ask and question. This will give you a knowing side kick that will allow you to make the choices and decisions that need to be made without judgement. (ok make sure you have at least one who will challenge you to make sure you are doing it for your own heart!)