Metaphysics and Wellness

Why do we seek wellness?

Its a great question we may answer with — for the most part — one of a few reasons.

The first may be about longevity — I want to live a long life — so I can fill it with all the places I want to go and see all I want to see.

The second may be about energy — I want to be able to move and run and have energy for my kids or my spouse and I seek to adventure I want energy!

Some people may think about it in terms of looks. That wellness represents a ‘look’.

But in truth what it truly represents is a feel.

It's in your hands

The future of wellness lies in our own hands. Simple? Maybe on the surface yes, but it requires you being called to task.

I know that this very responsible act scares the shit out of most of us — because sit is so much easier to just walk in to a DR and hold them accountable — BUT — truth behind that is — it can only be our responsibility in the beginning.

So what do we do with that?


he way of wellness is a pathway that we all seek in life. We all seek to be well.

Wellness provides us with the ability to live a life that is full of connection and joy.

We know when our health is great, we are able to cope better with life, move more in life and enjoy every moment of life.

There is nothing that wellness doesn’t bring to our journey.