‘I am within all things.’

The First Nation Australian Indigenous great Spirit known as Baiame is a spirit filled with fertility that is plentiful and abundant.  Known as the Creator God or Sky Father in the dreaming of many language groups of our Indigenous Australians in South East Australia, the myth speaks of his coming from the sky to the land and the people and creating the rivers and the mountains. He then gave the people their lore, traditions and culture.  Placing these stories in the lore stones for the elders to keep, his story continues through the people today.  His gift of beauty and life to the land and the people was gratefully received. The people honoured this gift by caring for the land and nurturing its beauty and presence.

The connection of land to people is strong in Indigenous culture and lore and speaks of creation itself. We learn from this not only how much there is to be honoured and grateful for in the beauty of the land but in how we honour this by loving and maintaining it. It is our intent to maintain this land through this great spirit and to honour all that is received from it, and as such only the purest of ingredients are used in Jun to honour the land and its creator. I am within all things is a powerful recognition of being a part of the whole. The land, the sea, each other. This is a timely reminder for us to really connect and be a part of culture and community.

Why Riberry and Rose?

The Riberry is a traditional native bush food that is a super food in its own right. It is a potent antioxidant known to have many benefits to our health potentially preventing or delaying diseases such as Alzheimer’s, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Riberry samples have also shown high levels of folate, otherwise known as vitamin B-12. This combined with the Rose's antioxidant qualities, its gift to lower stress and anxiety and enhance love within our heart,  we gift you the perfect adage of 'stop and smell (drink) the roses'.  You can see why Baiame is the perfect Spirit to raise a glass in honour to the beauty in plants, the land, the sea and in observing the grace that is life - I am within all things.


I could talk non stop about the benefits of Herbs. I highlight merely a few. You can always explore more yourself.

  • Antioxidant and folate rich

  • Aids anxiety

  • Heart opening

  • Aligns with Pitta dosha

Our Recommendations

  • A part of our Tonic range of Jun yet equally refreshing.

  • A fabulous intention as an elixir.

  • If you are new to Jun begin with one shot per day 100ml and increase from there.

  • Crafted with the intention of healing, these are to be given the respect they deserve in what they offer.

  • If you are concerned with any medications you are taking that may conflict with these herbal ingredients consult your Medical Practitioner first.