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Its really important to me that you understand whats happening during the creation of your Jun.

It’s like the most personal connection that I can give you as to how the energy is unfolding and what that will mean to the creation of Jun.

I am talking astrologically here. Whats happening in the skies. Whats coming through the stars. What life energy is prevailing at the time your creation was being made. AND I am talking whats the energy impacting life at this moment as well.

Expiry May 2019

This batch of Jun began in Scorpio and had a huge Scorpio influence. Jun began at the time of Scorpio moon when the crescent began to show herself.

The new moon had been in Libra and the balance at that time was truly unmistakable because so much more was about to begin.. Venus had moved from her home town of Libra into Scorpio and had not long prior to the new moon began her retrograde cycle.

Retrograde Venus deserves conversation. All retrogrades to me are connected to as the unwinding, the unlock of a key, the time that we can go back to reveal things we have not seen before. It is a moment we can - from a different perspective - see things that we had not known or wanted to know fully. This retrograde, being of Venus was all about love.

Asking us to look through our love, and being that she sat in Scorpio, it was deep love, deep commitment, deep connection.

If this wasnt huge enough the full moon of this cycle saw alot of intense energy culminate into huge focal points on love. She hit the full peak in Taurus and as with all things taurus we look to the physical and the material - wanting to feel and shine. Full moon shining directly on a now Scorpio sun, with Venus in retrograde right at her side and it was intense. So it resulted in so much focus on truly renewing love and finding ourselves in truth with that.

Still not enough? At this time a Grand Cross was created with the sun, moon and the nodes creating a Grand Cross in the sky. During this time I was busy with 3 friends all connecting and speaking of the intense period they were facing in their relationships and all swirling into turmoil. It was to be expected. Because nothing was going to move forward that wasnt real.

So this batch of Jun had plenty of conversation about love, about truth, about being strong enough to stand our truth and speak it. It was heavily impacted by intense feelings of moving forward and wanting to feel truth in how we each love as we walk our path.

As she settled into her second ferment, Venus had passed back into her home of Libra, and so the question then was if I want this new commitment is it going to be the balance I want for my life?

Expect to feel love and its intensity in every drop of this batch. Expect to find yourself questioning love and making certain it is the exact love you are seeking in life. Expect that this will swirl through your body mind and soul and slowly you will find space for clarity.

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