There is beauty to be found in connection.  I use the term whole-ful as it seems to combine how I feel about us uniting on a common thread of not just our wellness, but our wholeness.  Our ability to unite as individuals yet as one.

We call ourselves a culture.

Culture is diverse by its very nature. Its meaning and its structure tells us that in its simplest form it is a way of coming together and uniting. It is connecting and growing as a unit.  And that comes in many forms.  Having insight today into millions of cultures found around the world - we see that we all are very different.

Yet we are so the very same.

And it is our 'sameness' that seeks to connect.  We all love music, or sharing a meal, or having a drink and doing this in community, or in connection to others.

Yet we are whole-ful

We are each a piece of the whole.  Together we create the most impact in healing and finding positive paths forward.  Whole-ful is a collective of like minds or like intentions that sees it become more than it once was, and therefore it grows in strength.  And this is the greatest gift of culture, its instinct to connect, reconnect and make whole again. 

That it seeks to connect more and more, and gather and garner in numbers.  It is a cultivation of goodness. A manifestation of intent.

We are not separate from what it is we all seek.

We all seek the same things.  

Firstly, we all seek peace and harmony.  The ability to live a life without fear in any form.  Fear of being a man or a woman, fear of not being able to fulfil our hearts calling, the fear of being harmed in anyway  - we seek peace and times without war.  

Secondly, most seek to be able to express themselves, without harm on others, but to be the truth and person that they are.  Again, without fear of reprisal.

Thirdly, we all want health.  This is generically always in the top three of what it is in its simplest form that we seek.  

Fourth, is a cross between material worlds and spiritual worlds.  Its the need to be financial secure in each persons own form, to have a job, be able to pay bills, buy food, nourish and nurture family, as much as it is about being loved.  The desire to be seen, felt and loved is of great importance.

If we all seek this - isn’t this a common thread? A common bond?

Today we see so many cultures.  More than ever before. More than ever thought probable.  And we see how diverse every culture is, and how diverse we have all become. We see how varying beliefs and thoughts and ways have created journeys and pathways so different from each other.  And I see each of them seeking to connect. 

Without this. Without culture seeking to connect, we find culture that seeks to divide. It will believe only in itself, its way and create fear through its closure. When in truth culture seeks love through acceptance.

And we have a common thread.  We have a common bond.  Our desire for peace and harmony for health for the ability to nourish ourselves.

And we will do this better together.

There is no going back from this space save it moving us towards self destruction. To avoid that we need to unite, to come together and to bond and find acceptance.

These very collective thoughts of unity mean that we need to raise our consciousness above a single culture and allow it to form the bond of a united culture.  One that is based on conscious living.  One that is thinking of the whole - not the single entity.  

A culture that is whole-ful.  

It is simply, a culture that is OF all that we each are. It is of acceptance and open hearted ways. It is allowing each of us our own pathways and our own journey.  Without judgement. In support and kindness. For we are now realising that whilst we may be pieces of the collective whole, without us beginning to think and act as a collective in unity we will continue to suffer from our own self.  From the individual impulse to have more or greater simply for our own benefit.

My hope is that as a culture that is seeking out the greatness of Life, that we all find a space to connect here.  In celebration and conversation.  That we find ways to allow within the walls of the gods the space for each of us to come together and that we can unite and weave stories and create for the greater good.

And we can raise a glass of Jun to that!

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