There is a critical step in our journey that asks us to discover our WHY.  Knowing our why brings us to the space of connecting to our reasons for beginning.  The raison d'etre or at least for the story starting.  It allows us to know the purpose behind our drive, the momentum behind our waking each morning.  It tells us that the calling is real and determined.

I want to share some of our why.  How a simple beginning of observing, turned to a whole new creation beginning.

It began with cups of tea.

A client would enter (I am a counsellor in both wellness and metaphysics) and after greetings, we would begin with one question, 'Tea?'. Aside from a few 'just water please', most would enjoy to sip a warm and gentle tea, which I would love and choose with intent as to exactly which tea we would sip.  Something soothing, something energising and uplifting, something anti inflammatory.  Something that would DO what was needed to be done, from the inside out.

This not only set the tone, allowed the ambience to deepen, it simply became a conversation piece.'This is exactly what I needed thank you.' or 'What flavour tea is this?'.   It provided small talk and banter to loosen the collar.  Especially for those first timers with me.  All this whilst secretly, beginning the 'inner work'.

Observation is at all levels

When you are working from a whole-istic perspective you are working on every level and at every angle.  You are observing everything from tone of voice to body shape, to body type, to mannerisms, to 'nuances', right through to listening to every word they are saying.  And then you question. Everything. In all aspects of history and family history through to life, now, stress, happiness, relationships. Symptoms? Daily living. Everything.

In all my hours of Counselling and working with people in wellness one thing stood out,  that most people who had issues or dramas,  challenges or ‘shit’ to deal with in their life,  had poor eating habits or their own self issues that resulted in poor eating habits.

Now you may not think they go hand in hand BUT they hold a huge and direct link.  One that is becoming more apparent day by day.

What I always started with was yes listening, yes plans to help make change, yes mappings of what moves to make and strategic lists of how to, but also a few tips on self care and self love which included balancing out their wellness.

What happened, what became so obvious was the more they made these changes to their eating habits and lifestyles, the more they could deal with the other 'stuff'. 
They felt better in themselves and that meant they found strength to deal with the rest of their lives and the challenges it was presenting.  They had 'inner' collaboration happening with their body functioning better, and this gaining them some clarity.

What we do know

When it comes to balancing out life, we take on as much as we can bear.  We seem to never leave room for the unexpected, we pile as much as we can onto our plates to the level of 'enough'.  Which of course leaves nothing, for what life does best, throwing in curve balls so that your teetering cup overflows completely and things become too much, MORE than enough. 

What’s recognised is our capacity to handle those situations based on the rest of our life if we aren’t in a space of connection to our own self, if we lack self worth or self love or self esteem etc.
We often lack the ability to find clarity to deal with other stuff or at least deal with it well.  And this always presented a deeper issue for the client - all of us - knowing we can handle stress, some stress, our 'normal' stress and completely perplexed as to why we are not coping now.  AND why this means we fall into a space of dis-ease.

What I realised more than anything is the cycle that is neither beginning or ending

It's hard to say, is it our mind that begins the downward spiral or is it our gut? It is a chicken or the egg question.  I can say it is the mind, that we think and over think and create greater stress and churn our gut which in turn affects gut biota which in turn impacts our coping mechanisms and hormones and cellular function.  Equally I could say that it is our gut being impacted by our environment, lifestyle and eating habits impacting our mind and the reverse happening.

The beginning is that we have to find a way out of all of this cycle.  Most of our challenges may feel as if they are through the mind.  That it is our mind that controls all else.  In ways at least with the mind creating and controlling our lifestyle and eating patterns we can make changes here.
We need to make those changes from a mindset perspective so that we alter habits and then alter our response. And this is hard to implement.

What I noticed was that sending clients home with only mindset mapping instructions, to do lists and strategies, or ways to implement was a difficult task.  Habits are hard to break.  Motivation is hard to maintain after you leave a session and walk back into your life.

BUT I realised a most important thing

If I married a mind date change to a food change it worked.  If I embedded a new way of thinking to match a new way of eating or drinking it began to take effect quicker.  The ability to do something physically, an action attached to a mindset meant that it could begin.  That having something physical to do that brought along the mindset meant that change would occur.

So why JUN?

Because I wanted to create something that clients could take home that gave them a physical change that wasn’t about alcohol.  A something positive that accompanied a mindset that began the cycle of change. A something that constantly reminded them of me and our conversations and their commitment and motivation. And mostly, the changes they could make mentally to improve their life.

Jun has a huge path set out for it.  What she offers is the intent of her creation.  That here is a change to a new lifestyle, new eating pattern, new habits that is accompanied by mindset.  It is joined by a huge umbilical chord that extends from thought to action to seed again new beginnings.  It is a way linked to better living, better health, better connection, greater love, more truth. 

It is a conversation with the self on all things great about a more committed way of living.  She holds connection to everything that we are within.  Everything that life offers in goodness and depth and everything that is possible.

I love her.

Its a big call, a huge task, but she’s ready!  And so are we all.  We are all seeking this greater wellness.  We all want to enjoy life to its fullest and we all want to discover the greatest self within us.

Her intent and integrity is strong and she belongs in your wellness plan!  

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