Gut sense

We are born discovering our senses first.  We come alive to the sound of our parents voice, to the touch and smell of them.  We literally come alive through the connection of our senses.  As time passes it grows, we are raised on discovering life through our senses and every child has a touch and feel book somewhere on their bookshelves.  Something to help us begin with knowing and relating senses to our being.  

Before this, in our very earliest beginnings our senses were already forming.  We respond to feeling first and foremost. And within our utopian uterus world we are already responding to all the feelings around us and within us.  We respond to the feeling and stimulus to grow and to become.  It is instinctual.  The senses and stimulus is what ignites our cells to grow.

After feeling, we then learn of sound.  We don’t know it as sound but we hear.  We hear through our feeling, through the vibrations and the way it moves us already sparks us to come to know sounds.  We can even come to know our name by its sound through the walls of our mothers.  

And so we progress to discover the senses and all the joy and learnings they bring.

As a child we are far more sensual than we are as adults.  

As pure energy when born, untainted by life, we rely on our senses to bring our life to us. The sounds we connect to open our access points within our world, to our mother, to the void, to music, to our name and slowly to all things opening greater and greater.  We feel, we experience, we become.

And then things change, and we become so aware of our sense we become addicted to them.

Yes they stimulate our growth and provide protection, but in only focusing on the 5 highlighted senses we remove so much of our true protection and growth. 

It seems perhaps conveniently we have been sold short on the whole truth of our senses.  Somewhere the senses have been told as a shortened version watered down to just 5.  Leaving arguably 2 of the most important ones, yet possibly the hardest to comprehend, to the way side.

This has become evident in our health and wellness.

As we over stimulate our robust 5 senses we find ourselves indulging in more, and more isn't always the greatest measure when it comes to the senses.  They are somewhat ‘sensitive’.  They don't like to be over burdened.  They most certainly don't like to be over stimulated.  

It doesn't seem crazy to me that as our wellness declines we discover that the over stimulated senses are over loaded and have been abused into greed.  

Each one of them has a direct impact on our health with this over stimulation.

Its easy to begin with taste as it has been possibly the most abused sense.  Placing as much emphasise as we have on taste has lead us to greater cravings, more desire for flavour satisfaction and in this over consumption of foods that hold little nutrition and high health risk.  

Thats not to say we don't love taste, or that we should avoid what tastes good.  It means that in the addiction to taste, that stems from addictive substances like sugar, we find ourselves in a health declined, where our sense of taste wasn’t designed in this way.

Sound is not far behind and we have taken this to desensitise ourselves from the perfect silence of nature.  Being occupied with noise and overstimulated by sounds we find ourselves on a treadmill that runs into high stress levels and constant sound stimulation, like the need to have some form of stimulation of sound always being played in the background.  This form of overstimulation can instigate high blood pressure levels, and impact our mental health.  Whilst in learning the sounds of silence we find greater balance.

Our sense of sight has also been abused.  It would seem that for us to appreciate anything there is the need for a directed aspect of beauty to be involved.  No longer can we look and love through our own eyes and heart we are directed by the impressions and thoughts of others as to what that beauty should look like.  Appealing has become a predetermined thought with so much of our senses being directed by media.  This impacts our wellness by driving us towards a certain shape and size in order to appear ‘beautiful’.

I wonder if beginning to become aware of our ‘forgotten’ senses that we may well find our way back to greater balance.

Strangely reconnecting to feeling and voice may be the saving grace to rebalancing our senses altogether.

As feeling beings we are feeling long before all else.  As energy we connect through vibration and feeling.  This occurs from the very beginning.  Within us, we recognise this as a 'gut' feeling - our soul entry point.  Mostly known as our intuition, or gut instinct. 

A space we live from as a child, but slowly in becoming an adult we disconnect to place our connections greater on the sensual responses of the five pleasures of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  

In ways that can begin from as early as infancy we are encouraged to disconnect from feeling.  Not to cry when our instinct is to cry.  Not to speak when we feel the need.  Not to respond to a knowing and instinct of wanting to explore or reach out. And so slowly over time disconnect from feelings occurs and we find little attention is turned to the twinges of intuition that once guided us.  To what is the very first of our senses.

We gain from looking within, from closer connection to our gut instincts.  And given the amount of focus on our ‘gut’ for wellness one can only wonder about adding this essential connection into the mix in order to reconnect to our journey.

Both feeling and voice, are forgotten sense that we can reconnect to.

As humans our voice is essential.  This of course is the 7th sense, the last that we connect to.  Our ability to express is how we communicate and connect and it is vital to our becoming that we are allowed to use our voice as a means of expression. We may see this as the last sense to be used, but when we consider crying and gurgling sound, our voice is with us from the beginning.

The purpose of the voice like all senses is as a portal of truth

We feel, connect, give and receive through our senses.  Our voice is often without recognition to the senses yet its resonance is one of great power to our vibration.  The greater our connection to the senses the more we seek to use them, and with the voice, we begin to challenge life around us and experience and experiment with who we are.  Its vibration and resonance carries light within its sound and so captures all things around it.  It holds tones of colour and impacts on even becoming a touch.  Its resonance holds truth.  

In our journey to wellness, we need to reconnect to our senses in a new way so that we rebalance our body mind and soul.

Of the 7 senses it varies which is the most sensitive and instinctual amongst us individually.  We all have infinite possibility of sensual awareness available to us, some simply access this more than others.  The more we connect and use them and recognise them, the stronger they become and the greater we are in tune with our being 'sensual'.  

The greater we can use them for our health and wellness journey by allowing them to guide us, the greater we can sway ourselves back towards wellness.  

The crisis of overstimulation of a few of the senses and the absence of others means we are not fully utilising our natural gifts in order to create our wellness.

As we move towards healing the gut, reconnecting to its wisdom and allowing our strength of voice to speak up, we will bring ourselves back to a greater sense of true wellness.

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