The Gods

A conversation will often begin with 'ofthegods? what's that about?' and after the first few moments of conversation, the once questioning face turns to a more curious one, which turns to finding a comfortable chair and 'go on...'.

You see whether we know it or not, accept it or not, want to tell anyone or not,  within us all is a curiosity about the Gods. We have heard many stories, maybe seen a movie or two.  Perhaps even read a book. We hear talk of those who pray to Gods, who honour the Gods and those who seek them. We have even come to know how it plays out between 'the Gods' in many people holding such differing beliefs.  We have seen destruction and heard talk of creation and whilst that may seem the most important reason to admire the Gods, there is just so much more.

What the myths and stories and legends of the gods teaches us ultimately, is about ourselves. They offer us insight into who we are.  As we are 'of the gods', their energy, their characteristics and traits, their personalities, their strengths are all a part of who we are.  A part of our creation and our story. A part in many ways of each of our beginnings. Most definitely a part of our becoming.

This may seem too daunting a prospect for some if belief in oneself is too hard to accept.  Many  will continue to believe in a god, in order to pray for all they need in their life, others will take full advantage of this knowledge and access the very essences they need within their life through their own connections. Working with the energy of the gods, opens us to the pieces of ourselves we wish to harness in order to create a greater life. To turn our life around. To overcome battles and challenges. To find success or focus. To release obstacles from our past. All of these 'skills' and assets that are specific to a God, we can allow into our life, into our becoming, into ourselves to summon our greatest life.

I have always honoured the miracle that is Life. I watch closely every day how new life occurs.  New life is born or created or growing stronger every moment, equally life can be slowly withering away and passing into another phase again.  In honouring Life I can clearly find patterns and ways in which the energies that create and destroy work to truly harness the very best possibilities, the very greatest opportunities for us to each work with.  I also notice how we can work with this to bring about a deeper connection and stronger flow to our lives.

All of this is 'ofthegods'.  A culture that is of life and wellness and the soul.  It  is of connection and clarity and consciousness, all that is the fullness of the energy of life. 

In this , we journey, we grow, we become. We master our own self. We learn to love with equal compassion and fierceness. We open to our greatest self, to a deeper connection to each other and to a higher consciousness that is a vibration of truth.

It is truly an auspicious moment that you find yourself here. That we meet now at this beginning. I do hope you will learn to love and be inspired by all that is our way and culture. That together we create great life and in amongst that, we drink the drink of the gods to salute all that we are!

I am sharing a fabulously creative story of Prometheus. One of the myths of the Gods. A story created that helps to tell of how within each of us, we hold some of the characteristics and abilities of the gods. How through our understanding of their energy we come to know more of who we are. How in learning and listening to these legends and stories, we uncover more of our own self, and we discover like Prometheus, that we all have capacity to capture the power of nature and create!

A little video of one of the Gods is a great place to end!

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