The world of fermenting has come round again to take the world by storm.

I say again as this is centuries old tradition in our most ancient of cultures. Every traditional culture has a form of fermentation that they used to keep and store food.  A process that just so happen to create for them, greater health through its fermentation process, as well as keeping them alive during seasons and times of hardship.

Cultural connections

For the Vikings, fermented meat was essential for the long marauding and trading trips they took on the seas. South Africa, known as the seeds of our beginning has tribes that have not only survived on fermented foods but created from it.  Our Eastern cultures have created much of what we now use as staples within the fermented kingdom, miso, kimchi and even kombucha can be traced to this region.

Notably each have a version of both foods as well as a beverage that has held them through ritual and custom.  In Africa the amasi - sour milk, or amahewu a non alcoholic fermented maize.  In Japan we have the tradition of Saki, and whilst the Middle East had plenty of breads and Yoghurts, as did India and Pakistan, they also had their famous Lassi.  The list is endless.  

We have been fermenting for centuries.

And then somehow we stopped. Amongst our growth, we became more about quantity than quality. We became more about sweetness than health.  We became more about fast and easy than we did the process of slow and patient fermentation.  Was it just greed? Or did it also become about power?

In ways, over time we have been brainwashed into what is good and right for us.  I recall a fabulous TED talk in my research discussing how Africa hold a solution to a grain that is naturally gluten free, that grows in the desert and is rich in nutrients.  Yet Africa stopped growing it, stopped producing it, as more and more 'western' grains became popular.  So convinced that what the 'white man had' was better than what they grew, Africa left behind what could now be one of our biggest saviours.

In many ways we were taken by giants!  

The giants that created many of the 'evils' we now recognise in society. The ones that are causing our ill-health.  The ones that are  blind folding us in belief that we 'need'.  The ones that are telling tales of all we can do by adding them to our life.  The kind of giants that are companies that do not pertain to good health and wellness, but to their wealth.  The companies that have held us by all they can create, and yet at the base of it was both the greed and power that came to be the giants.

And we foolishly stepped into it.  Naively allowed it.  And blindly, accepted it.

Until now, and the growing community that is the world of fermentation, the small crafting and cooking spaces that are taking their own towns by storm with their offerings of a return to good health, to a life that is conscious from seed to plate of not only where it comes from but who is producing it, is here to stay!

I see this community, our community, is all about taking on these giants and overcoming them.  I see that in bringing back our ancient traditions we are allowing ourselves to open to true methods of healing and wellness.

I see our role as a huge role to play. 

Yes we are facing giants.  The kinds that have held ground for a long time.  The Giants that have fooled us with sugars and spice pretending to be all things nice.  The frost giants that have ruled too long with offerings of ice, (the drug kind) the lure of a world without a care and where psychedelic rainbows dance, and destroy us. 

We are facing the fiery depths of alcohol. That burns In the pockets and the hearts of man. That has destroyed homes and families and turned the calmest breath into a storm of rage.  And finally we fight Hel.  The scourge that is of mental ill health, that comes boldly knocking as depression, anxiety, stress and all that dims the light within us.  The mental health that draws cancer into our being, that brings dis-ease to our soul.  The talk of Hel that speaks to our minds and breeds lies and doubt. 

And we will fight them.  And we will win. 

This is important.  This is about us opening our hearts to each other and marching against all else. For the dark days of being held by giants are over and into the light we carry each other.  Because in this we will find not only connection, we will find wellness and health within our gut and being and we will find community. A collective of souls and minds that as we allow this to bring clarity to our mind, we allow this to run to our soul. 

As we reconnect to a world from long ago, like fermentation, we reconnect to each other. We gather in strength, in commitment and in determination for our wellness to be all of our concerns.  We link arms and we stand tall and recognise that together we can over come giants. That we can put good health back into our lives, but that in this we also place better farming practices, better care of the land, better care for animals and better care for each other. 

That this simple, slow and patient formula of fermentation, is not just being rekindled in order to return us to a connection to the past, but to greater our ability for the future.  To greater health and wellbeing. 

Whilst many may see this simply as a wave of fermentation perhaps being brought back to life, it is more that life, is bringing back its own needs.  It is more that we are uniting again yes through food, but also through community and connection and a joint decision that we seek life to be better than what we are offered right now.

And it is not just the in kitchen. It is the in paddock, the restaurants and the bar.  It is in all walks of life and all professions. As our consciousness rises so does our desire to overcome the giants and reclaim our health and wellbeing.

What are you doing to overcome the giants?

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