... seeding love ...

Before sowing love we must seed love.

We must allow the seeds of love to form.

We are of love.  We come from life’s creation of love.

And so in the desire to sow or grow love, first we must seed that love.

For that, we begin by going within. The seeds of love come from our very soul. They are of us.

It is allowing our very essence to be able to grow. And to do that, we must allow ourselves to seed within our own heart and soul first.

It is allowing the love of our own self to become.

It is cultivating who we are and loving that so boldly and completely that we germinate a seed of love within us.

It is all the elements of love universally accepted within our own soul.  It is the depth of the truth of love acknowledged by every piece of our being.  It is our ability to truly honour al that love is for our own self.

It is being kind to self, and compassionate to our needs.  It is being patient with our self and working each step to become.  It is allowing tolerance to charter with us.  It is the depths of forgiveness when we know we are acting without our self at heart and allowing the gentle guidance back on course.  This is seeding love.

Within our own self, so that we recognise it in all things. That we can harness it in all things and nurture it in all things.

This is what we then sow

But not before we seed the love of who we are

As love. Go within. Find all of your very being and love it wildly. Love it passionately

And create the seeds of love to bring to life

Love you. Be you. And be you without fear or containment 

Be you completely. 

Be you fully

Love you.

This is the seeding of love. 

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