... it’s a pensive day ..

A day where those around me have had their fill and are snoring away

A day where some are soaking up the sun and reading

All of which means I get to ponder

To really begin to dig into my being of what’s to come

Thats what this time of years is about, reflecting, on what was, what is and what is to be.

I begin to reflect on not just this year

But life.

Where have been the Big lessons

Where have I repeated things because I wasn’t paying attention 

Where have I moved forward

I am readying

When we reflect in ready motion

We are truly allowing each piece of our life to muster the confidence and skills to move forward. ..

It’s a moment to really take stock

It’s even a white board of timelines, experience and acquisition of wisdom or being

How did I come to be here?

What can I take forward?

What gets left behind?

What’s moving with me?

What is ready to now come from within the depths of me?

It feels ominous

Like a moment when all of life leads here and you realise this is what I’m here for.

And bigger

Because the next is more than you and me it’s for all

For the good of all

In service

To give

To expand

To dare to reveal so much of life

And in my refelction I realise how we each ready for this during our time in so many ways. That when we sit and refelct we forget many of the very important things that have come to pass.  That we perhaps havent realised how many petitions we have signed to protect or save.  Ones to bring awareness and ones to create new opportunities.  We forget that we have donated. Time, money effort to causes that have reached out and asked for us to give.  

We forget these things that actually add to being really big and important things.

We forget that they do add to this moment and our becoming. Every tiny piece, adding to what is and what will be.

Upon refelction when we truly look into the depths of our time we can see where our heart lies and what is the way forward.

It’s a pensive day that allows reflection. 

Allows me to dip into the water

And feel into the new year of life

Shhhhh. Don’t wake or disturb anyone so they take me out of this moment

#readying #withlove #ofthegods

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