Gut Food Goodness.

There is so much happening and plenty of talk around the gut.  We have almost been overwhelmed with all the information!  But the good outcome is that so much more respect is now given to those wonderful bacteria that are our whole microbiome

Actually that are our life.

We are understanding that we need to not just be aware of them but to take care of them

We are understanding that they even exist and are essential to our wellbeing.

When once we thought we are 99% the same DNA as everyone else - we now realise we are only 10% the same bacteria as anyone else.  We are individual and need to work with our bodies individually.

Likewise our soul we are all at our own place on our journey, we are all experiencing life just as every other person on the planet yet we are all at our own level and needing to do life our own way in order for us to grow and become our truth.


You know by now that these guys are the guns that are really working away within our body.  They are the ones who are helping to balance out our interior, the ones who are defending our systems and fighting alongside our immune system to keep us well, they are the ones who are helping to attain and sustain balance within our body mind and emotions, they have huge power as to the direction our wellness takes.

So, in all we LOVE these guys!


I want to spend some time with these guys with you today. 

These are the very food that the probiotics eat in order to be healthy and strong themselves. They cannot be without them and they actually benefit more from them being within our diets.  Why? Because the longevity of a prebiotic be able to survive within our system transports the probiotics to every corner of our gut - most importantly into the colon to take the probiotics on the full journey through out our entire system.

Whilst we want out gut to be healthy - it is only healthy if that health is coming out the other end - if our poop is happy we know we are getting our good bacteria all the way through our system and for this we need the prebiotics.

Quick notes


Probiotics and prebiotics both serve important health functions for our gut. Probiotics are living microorganisms that live inside our gastrointestinal tract. By cleaning out the gut they help our gastrointestinal tract to stay super healthy and efficient so that things keep flowing. As with all living things, probiotics need to be fed in order to stay alive and fuelled to be active and healthy.


Prebiotics act as the food for probiotics. In other words, probiotics eat prebiotics. 

They are undigestable plant fibers that feed the probiotics or the good bacteria already living inside the large intestine. The more food, or prebiotics, that probiotics have to eat, the more efficiently these live bacteria work and the healthier your gut will be. Also, because of the high fibre content of prebiotics,  they travel further into the intestinal tract and down into the colon allowing the good bacteria in the Probiotics to travel there looking for food which then brings more life and health to our colon.  Because Probiotics are sensitive kind of guys! They dont always survive too long in the digestive trat - so the prebiotics give them the ability to live longer and healthier!

Where do we find them?

Prebiotics naturally exist in many foods you may already know and maybe even already eat on a regular basis. Since fibre is the source of prebiotics, foods that are high in fibre are also often high in prebiotics. 

As with most foods, the composition of prebiotic fibre foods changes when they are cooked. Heating anything changes its composition, thus altering its natural occurring state. In the case of prebiotics, if you cook them, you lose some of that precious prebiotic fibre.  We need a good combination of the foods and how we can prepare them. 

The benefits - lets be clear

  • Better Gut Health and Improved Digestion
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Lower Inflammation
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Protects Bone Health
  • Regulates Hormone Levels and Mood

The list is pretty impressive of how our wellness can look when we tune our gut into greater health.  If we can take the time to create a healthier environment for the probiotics to live in we can work our way to greater wellness.

How do we make this happen?

You can see by the list below - that RAW is the best way to really make sure we get the full benefit of prebiotics.  But really - how will we do raw garlic??  Let alone raw asparagus.

  • Raw chicory root
  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke
  • Raw dandelion greens
  • Raw garlic
  • Raw leeks
  • Raw or cooked onions
  • Raw jicama
  • Raw asparagus

My best option picks.

Clearly how we do this has got to be practical and digestible for all the family!  First just knowing that we need only 5grams - so thats only one heaped teaspoon per day - makes all things seem easier!

There are a few really good options.

  • Under-ripe bananas - so green bananas - specifically LADY FINGER bananas are one of the highest known prebiotic options we have - AND it comes powdered form AND you can simply add it to smoothies - or to baking. But truly this is one of the greatest steps you can take.  Be clear here that simple Green Banana Flour is not the same as STARCH RESISTANT GREEN BANANA FLOUR.  You will notice a difference in price so you will know which one to buy - the latter being the best on offer.
  • sweet spud - cooked and cooled - you can get away with this - the fiber after cooling restores itself and therefore provides a great source of prebiotic - so rather than mash spuds turn it into potato salad and you’ve got an easy and digestible option
  • Garlic Raw - you may think how the heck can I do raw garlic? Dips that’s how! Sauces thats how! Home made homous or any dip add a couple of garlic cloves into the process and you have your raw garlic done for snacks or lunch!  Making sauces is also a great option - cook and prepare and then squeeze in some minced garlic juice at the end.

Is it worth the fuss and the results?

Absolutely!  Can't stress enough if we aren't doing the prebiotics we cant build and restore and grow our good Probiotic colony in our gut.  We can all do everything we can to put probiotics into the gut - but if the food isnt there that they are going to digest then they die so quickly they will do little good.

So, whilst we hype on about Probiotics we need to keep that hype happening for the Prebiotics as well for us to get the true benefits.

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