Wellness is about need.  In the world of wellness, needs are far greater than wants. 

It is said that one of ‘man’s’ greatest challenges is taking the time to wake up to ourselves. To our life, to our truth, to our journey.  To know oneself and the very needs that are going to help us to sustain and thrive through out life.

We know what we want but rarely what we need.

Ask any person of their wants and they can rattle off a list as long as their arm.  But to ask of what we simply need, is another story.  Aside from stating the obvious of air and food and water, very few of us can identify what our body needs, what our mind needs, and rarely what our soul needs are.

The issue with this is a key factor in determining wellness.  Because true wellness is  based on need not want.

In response to wellness, we are listening and responding to what we are in need of, and not reacting to what we want.

Being able to identify our needs and respond to them is wellness.

Being able to work past a fickle want and answer a critical need is self love.

Being able to honour our needs is the epitome of well-BEING.

Feeding our needs before our wants is something few of us do.

Why is it so difficult? Why can't we simply listen to our needs and provide our body with exactly that - all it needs?  Why must we feed it (not just food, but with every aspect of nourishment) or gorge ourselves with wants and not our needs?

There's a few reasons.

Firstly, it comes down to a mindset of entitlement.  An ingrained mindset from the experiences that we have had, or from our ego partaking in our thoughts.  Wants can be attached to entitlement.  It is the mindset telling us we are entitled to live the life we want, regardless of all else. The mindset that says I can have what I want, I am entitled to it, I’ve earned it.  I have earned the right to do or eat or have as I please.  It is a space of I work hard therefore I can reward myself, with my wants.

All of this may feel true, but it is not coming from a space of self love. If the wants are things that are going to deprive us of wellness, then we are walking a fast pace towards dis-ease.  For no amount of wants will ever lead us to wellness, unless the want is a need for wellness.  

Then there is the lack mentality.  Some wants come from a feeling of lack. Or deprivation.  That we have encountered experiences in life that have not been able to provide us what we want - that we can't have what we want - and therefore always feeling deprived or negated by life and never ever having had enough.  That life simply hasn't provided for us, it continues to deny us, and therefore we are left longing and wanting for more than we ever truly need.. 

For those who have experienced a life that has seen them scrape by with minimal money, or those who have been at odds with themselves and their look or health for a long period of time, for those who restrict their diet or their joy, the feeling of having being deprived can also lead to incredibly unsubstantiated wants.  Pressing wants, because they feel life owes us.  

These mindsets are difficult to work through, because when it comes to wellness it engages body and mind.  We have the body screaming wants at us, that the mind confirms and fools us that they are really what we need, when in fact it is simply coming from an emotional mindset in the first place.


I say it all the time, wellness is the journey of self love.  To engage in true wellness asks us to engage and journey the path of loving who we are, caring for our own self, nurturing and providing to our needs.  The ability to respond to needs comes from the ability to be at peace with ones life one's self and ones circumstances and respond with a positive frame of love.

Recognising our needs.  Knowing, this is all I need, this is enough, this is what my body needs, this is what my mind needs, is a huge mindset change and one that takes time to master.

Why?  Because it is asking us to step into a far higher conscious level than we have been working from.  Responding to a want or to a self demand is not necessarily providing what the body needs and it comes from a lower connection to our life and wellbeing, than one that is ready and prepared to bring us all that we need.

Its swapping from this self talk, I have worked all week I am allowed to go out and party all weekend and do whatever I please.  to this self talk,  I have worked all week, what does my body need in order to feel nourished and replenished this weekend? 

It’s about recognizing



And answering the needs of our body, mind or soul that will bring about greater wellness. 

What do you need?  

It begins with identifying our place right now.  Looking at where we are in balance in our own life.  Looking at what we are happy with and what we are not.  Asking questions as to why we do some of the things we do.  Exploring our feelings and emotions as to the reasons behind reacting to things the way we do.  Yes, tough questions need to be had if you are wanting to walk to wellness.

And coming to terms with the truth of now, well that is a good place to start!  

In being able to be honest with ourselves, openly recognising what is and is not working.  What mindset we are allowing to control our life and our wellness.  What we seek to have as our tomorrow, and our future. 

It is small steps and small changes.  Not big things all at once.  One step, one change.  And beginning with identifying truth of how we are being right now opens us to seeing where we can make the first little change.

It may be one drink is removed, or that we walk to work twice a week, or that we allow meditation into our life, or that we stop being so damn cruel with self talk about being too big or too small, or simply not beautiful enough.

Being able to simply respond to what need our body calls for in wellness, what our mind calls out for in wellness, what our soul is seeking, is responding to a path of wellness.

There's not one way.  There is your way.  And it simply begins with you accepting that there are things in life that you simply don't need on your path to wellness because they are wants.  Wants that have been hampering the journey.  And maybe now, its time for them to be released so that we can step into a journey of self love, and wellness and all that we need.


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