We underestimate Nature.  Which seems so very strange because we are part of it.  I think in writing that one sentence, we realise the WHY of my whole article.  That we have forgotten that we ARE a part of Nature.


What seems to have been the beginning of this journey, is our very separation from Nature.  Separation from our very creation.  Separation from our very source.  As we have closed off from this, we have closed off from each other, and ultimately ourselves.  This may all seem obvious, but its not obvious to the point that we are doing something about it.  And as with all reasons for me to write, there are so many reasons in which our disconnect has impacted upon our wellness.

Being outside

Once upon a time, there was no end to our being outside.  Now I am not going to get into a rant about computers and the way these have impacted our lives, because the truth is that they alone are not the reason we don't get outside.  Many laptop nomadic lifestyle entrepreneurs these days spend plenty of time out doors reconnecting, whilst still making use of the computer world.  I think there are many factors that have drawn us indoors.  And they will possibly differ for everyone.  But the truth is, that statistically we see that we are all spending far less time inside than ever before.  And aside from the huge lack of Vitamin D that is being suffered by a great number of people, there are many other downfalls to our lack of connection.

Finding inspiration

If there is one thing that we can guarantee that Life provides it is inspiration.  Not just in colours, but in creation.  To take time to wander and reconnect to Life and Nature opens us.  It inspires us and it allows for us to be stimulated.  A proven fact is the impacts of being outdoors simply is enough to bring about a shift in serotonin levels and impacting our state of happiness almost immediately.  One step towards one less pill? Absolutely.  Taking the time to engage in fresh air and maybe even a touch of exercise brings faster results and greater rewards.


Lets just sit with this one for a moment.  Actually, lets stroll with this one for a moment.  Simply getting up, and walking outdoors, is not just a physical break it is a mental break.  Taking a 5 minute break, of fresh air and stretching or movement, every 1-2 hours is enough to reset the brain, reset the mood and most importantly increase the attention span that we have.  Its simple.  And it isnt always about having to run a mile.  Or to fast pace anything.  Whilst getting a good heart rate up can be extra beneficial, so is a simple walk and some gentle movement providing us with plenty of reasons to smile.  Research tells us that if we can take these short breaks we also increase creativity!  That by getting up and moving we stimulate the brain in ways that allows us to become more creative and that doing this outside - well our minds are renewed and rejuvenated and ready for another stint at the desk!

Getting dirty

We have lost the art of getting down and dirty with life.  We are so clean.  And we have become too clean.  Our sterile world has almost given the 'bad germs' the upper edge on us.  Every time we are trying to eliminate bacteria we are destroying the good guys as well as the bad and we are allowing ourselves to become so sterile that we are losing our ability to defend.  Our bodies own immune system function lowers with our attempts to clean our environment.  This doesnt mean place ourselves in harms away - although there is something to be said for those 'chicken pox parties' that mothers go to when their children are young to boost their immune strength.  What it asks us - is to get back to Nature.  To allow ourselves to play and romp about and get dirty.  To get dirt under our nails, to allow ourselves to let dirt be a piece of our daily health.  I know right? You just had a little light bulb question go off??? 

Bacteria comes from here

It seems too obvious BUT Nature is one of the best supplies we have of bacteria.  Move over every article we have read on Forest Bathing and how stress is reduced in Nature, we have even more reasons to get outside!  And it is another wellness benefit.  Our gut microbiome is directly impacted when we engage with nature.  It has two stimuli - in truth it probably has many more we just haven't found them all.

Walking - exercising, movement, is all promoting gut bacteria.  The more and the greater we stimulate our body we stimulate our gut and in turn help it to churn a few more good bacteria into action.  Simple!  The other is the bacteria itself.  One of the greatest ways in which to increase our own gut diversity is to be around diverse bacteria.  And nature provides this free of charge!  Simply taking a walk outdoors, gardening, rolling around in the mud is great for allowing our own microbiota to increase.  If we think about this, we are simply asking ourselves to relax, to take a step out of ourselves and step back into our creation.  Back into a belonging with nature.

If you would love to read more, here is a fabulous link to an article that will bring a few more light bulb moments!  I am hoping you read it - whilst outdoors bathing in some sunlight and good bacteria!

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