There is a great need for the role and for the joy that is mothering.

And we forget this.  

Amongst a catch up chat with a girlfriend the other week we found ourselves deep in conversation about what it is to be mothered as well what it is to mother.  That this role, is often overlooked in our healing, in our growth and in our day to day nurturing.  

One of the beginning thoughts in this conversation is why we seek to leave being mothered in the first place.  How we often are so quick to move away from this nurturing and yet it is the nurturing that sustains us and allows us to continue along a path of compassion.  It is an energy that is soothing, that is healing that is powerful.

The concept that we need to move away from mothering, can be a process that leads us away from our very base connection.

When we are young, it can feel like mothering is smothering.  That we want to step outside the boundaries and go it alone.  That we want to prove to ourselves that we can do and achieve on our own.  That we don't need a mother to look after us, care for us or even to clean up after us for we are quite capable.  And more than capable we have our own ways of doing things and its time to fly the nest.

And so we leave and move on to explore.  Without ever thinking we would need to return to being mothered again n life.


The space where we are nurtured.  Where we are tended to.  Where we first experience unconditional love.  Where we recognise love by action.  For nothing screams 'I will do anything for you' than being mothered.  From the first moment of breath our mothers are there to care.  To respond to us.  To feed and nourish us.  To protect us.  Often above and beyond belief.

This is being mothered.  Where we learn of love, and its actions.  Where we first feel love, and see how it responds to us.  

And then there is mothering.

The gift that is instilled in us from our mothers.  It is the carry through of love and compassion that begins with being mothered.  


Mothering is an underestimated gift in our empowerment.

With the move towards greater recognition of feminine energy we speak and read about Goddesses and Warriors.  That we are empowered and strong in this space of energy.  That being warriors we are bold and boss and strong..

But what about the mother energy of our being?

The Divine mothering that is the base of all things compassion.  The one that holds space for us to become.  The one that restores us, renews us, refreshes our hearts and resets our soul.  This is perhaps some of the greatest energy that we hold.  It is certainly one of the greatest soothing healing connections we can ever encounter.

At some point we all seek to be mothered again, or we allow ourselves to mother someone in need. 

There's times in life that see's us reach to be mothered again.  When we encounter fear or pain or threat, we seek the mother energy.  When we lay with illness or close to passing it is our mothers we seek to soothe us.  And there is nothing greater than the protection of a mother to tend away wolves from the door.  

It's the first call we make, 'mum, I need you.'. I need you to care for me, to tend to me, to love me, to tell me it's all going to be ok.  

Likewise, we assume the role of mothering for those close to us as best we can.  When we see a friend in need we can open ourselves to this energy and mother, nurture, love and tend to others through our ability to mother.

And this isn't simply for women to adopt.  Men are powerful at mothering too, if they have been blessed enough to be taught it as it creates beautiful connections to their feminine strength.

And this isn't just towards our own families or partners or even it is not only a gift for mankind.

In my words you may recognise mothering if you have been blessed with strong connections to this energy.  Or you may even be able to connect to moments when you have mothered those around you. 

But mothering isn't limited to people.  It is an energy that is towards all of life.  It can be equally extended towards the animals and them towards us.  Towards plants and them towards us.  That they seek to give and serve. That they seek to provide in as much a nurturing way as we all do.  That their connections to us always bring healing and nurturing and companionship.  That they too hold this energy of love and life that we can feel and respond to.

The energy that is the true feminine begins with the Mothering energy.  The energy that ultimately brings life. 

The energy that ultimately creates life.  It is this energy that we all hold within, that if we take the time to nurture within ourselves can provide a joy and gift to those around us.  An energy that protects as much as it nurtures.  An energy to soothes and heals.  That can reconnect us to an inner peace of compassion.

May we find a return to this energy.  May we all know this energy and gift this energy from our hearts. May it be a rising of the true feminine within.


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