Over the years there is always an ‘elephant’ in the room of my work.  And that is medicine.  The medicine, 'right medicine' that leads to wellness.  True wellness of body mind emotion and spirit.

When working with clients, we begin with ta lengthy process of questioning as much as we can about them.  It takes courage to open and be honest.  It takes patience to let it come to the surface.  One of the questions we look into is, what types of treatments they have had, tried, used, or even thought about using.  And in the treatments what 'medicines' were given.

All of us, over the course of our lives have come into contact with a variety of ‘medical treatments'. Some of this contact may have been to mainstream 'orthodox' practitioners or to the traditional fields of medical practice that today we know as perhaps being the 'alternative' fields. Why we go can range from broken bones, it may be for physical illness, it may be for mental health issues, it could be for a huge variety of reasons for our bodies are a complex and individual home.

In any effect, the manner in which we seek help, generally will see us come into contact with a variety of ‘treatments’ over time.  Most of which will have include the option for some form of prescription medication.

I am not against mainstream practitioners nor their medication. I am all for the right medical treatment at the right time.

As I come from a WHOLEistic space of wellness, many would assume that I am all for seeking the plants to heal us.  I am.  But they can't always do this alone!  In fact rarely can they do this on their own.  After all if a body were to respond to healing with simply plant medicine, it wouldn't be that ill.  

I am all for working with whats right, and what is going to provide the very best care for any one at any time.  I am all for working with people on their own level of acceptance and belief as well.  For this level of emotional connection plays a huge part in recovery.  I am not seeking to simply speak about traditional medicines as being the only answer and to do away with ever seeing a Dr.  Nor do I want to simply talk about traditional medicine as being the only answer.

What I do want to look at is the way we are given our ‘treatments’ and the lack of our own continued attention to our bodies to truly work through what may be the right way in dealing with our conditions.  For this is the only path to our own wellness.

We need to be paying attention! 

That is the first highlight to this article.  We simply do not place enough attention onto our own bodies, and walk into a Dr or a Healer or some form of Professional, with little to any actual useful information in which to truly get to the bottom of an issue.  It is not enough to simply not know.  Because in truth, they too will not know if you aren't going to give them any insight.  The main reason for you needing to be armed with information, is often, appointment times do not allow enough time for the Professional to truly uncover where issues may be rising within all aspects of the body to truly give an accurate diagnosis.  

If time isn’t being given to undertake a WHOLE approach to what ailments you may have, and this includes on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, then little can be truly discovered.  This includes looking into the lifestyle you lead.  This includes where you live.  SO MANY ASPECTS,  to unlock the keys for a true diagnosis to come.  

So we need to be paying attention to our body.  To be tuning in and listening.  To be taking our own mental notes of when things are going wrong and why.  What it feels like, how it comes about, what may have led to this happening.  WE are responsible for providing the clues in which can be deciphered the culprit.

The time for honesty and openness. 

I can’t impress upon each of us enough that TRUST is number one with whomever you are choosing to be in your ‘team’.  And I say team as it takes that many to work with you.  We should all have a dentist, counsellor, Dr, massage therapist, and at least one holistic ( chiropractor, physio, acupuncturist, herbalist etc) to form our team.  Because between all of these people, you will find your true balance.  You cannot be without any of them if you are seeking wellness.  

And trust is key.  If you cannot sit and be completely honest and open with each of them - they don't serve you well.  You need to be able to feel that you can lay it on the line - no matter what - without fear - without feeling ashamed or ridiculed.  Without holding back any little detail that can be the difference in truly finding your wellness.

Observation is the only way forward

In having received any diagnosis and medication, observing how your body mind and soul is responding is crucial to what happens next.

Back to the elephant! 

The elephant is not out of being ashamed to be on any medication. It’s that often TOO OFTEN it is not readdressed frequently enough or soon enough and the medication runs over its ‘used by date’ of when it is needed.

Thus meaning, we stay on medication often way longer than needed and this does far greater damage to our bodies.

Do I wish we were in the space that herbal and flower medicines were able to heal us delicately? Yes. Is that the case now? No. But there is the chance that we can be doing more with them and using then more in both a preventative and supportive role.

Support while taking - support to come off - support to no longer need it

There is so much support needed around healing!  It isn’t a simple take this and you are fixed.  It isn't a one thing fixes us all. But one thing that IS ESSENTIAL to us all is the support through out the process.  

The Support while taking it - is the stage of needing.  Unless we have the chance to catch something VERY EARLY, we are not in a place to play catch up with it.  In most cases, issues that we have had an inkling about for a little while have probably being occurring within the body for a good month or longer before hand.  Rarely, are we paying attention that we catch an illness at an early enough stage to NOT do something.  BUT for most cases, if we can catch it early enough that we may not need orthodox medicines we may be fortunate enough to be able to let plants and foods heal us.  For these times, we can support our body with natural treatments and therapies to bring it back to health. I would love this to be the case.  But it is rare, and so often by the time I am seeing people, medication is already apparent.  In fact it is rare to find someone not taking something.  Be it contraceptive, or anti-inflammatory or anti depressant or for thyroid or menopause or aches and pains there is a something, somewhere, and so support in taking whatever is being taken is needed.  Not just from me, your family, but for your body.  So finding traditional medicines that can support ( with careful consideration given to not further harm or complicate) is vital.  A classic example of this is using probiotics whilst taking a course of antibiotics.  

Understanding the need for medication and not feeling harassed for using medication is imperative.  Understanding that we seek to be in a space of paying attention so that we can use mostly traditional methods of healing is the aim. Understanding that there are alternative methods of plant use that can support this journey is also truly beneficial in bringing the body back to balanced health.

The Support to come off it - is a tender stage.  Because depending on how much and how long the medication has been used, we have to work with the body in trusting and allowing it to move away from what it has known or thought it be its healer, and move onto something else.  This is a wonderful time.  It takes patience and attention to observe the body and what is happening at all levels.  Mentally physically spiritually and emotionally.  And it is again going back to step 1 of support and finding things to bring in to alternate or to substitute whilst the body moves its progress to another source.  

Ultimately whilst medication is a necessary evil, we don’t want to be on it long term if we can avoid it

The support to no longer need it - is the trust stage and a lot of work around the very issues that have caused the problems is required.  Looking back at the initial ‘consult’ and reassessing the WHY and HOW this ailment came about and working to make changes in life so that it can be prevented.  This is what takes each of us into a choice of wellness and learning or finding ourselves back at the very beginning of the dis-eased cycle.  This space is about taking time to really tune in and make the decision of ‘where to’ with wellness as something you will CHOOSE to have as your life.  This is where alternative paths can be chosen as to how we move forward with our wellness and if we may allow herbs, plants, and foods to become a greater source of wellness for us.

Life is both the lesson and the medicine

Here’s where I get hippie on you.  We all can recognise that life provides us the lessons and environments for us to learn and grow.  What we often overlook is that it also brings us the medicine.  

Nature brings us such gifts not just in her presence and appearance but in her remedies as well. It is all there.  Completely packaged and all.  And they are powerful.  And they are integrating to our body and systems.  And they are nurturing to our being.

And if we can take the time to get ourselves to a space of new beginning within our wellness, we can find plenty of preventative treatments right in the garden.

And if we can take the time to walk our way back to a better space of being, we will find plenty of support through nature, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And if we can open ourselves to connecting to our own truth more, we find a way to being able to tune in, being intune, with our body and heart and soul and working towards creating greater balance.

And if we can allow ourselves to open also to tradition.  Being able to trust what it offers and how we are a part of the process of life and that within it is always the answers, the medicine in which we can heal.

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