If we take the time to look, we will discover many inspiring people whom have truly benefitted our world.  It may be that they have impacted our world alone, some impact on a larger scale to the world but  regardless of the number of people connected to, there are those around us who clearly make a difference in life by being their truth.

And what remarkable stories they tell.  Not of what they have achieved more so who they have helped along the way.  And it is in this moment that I discovered something very special.  

As I pulled on this thread of success, it became more and more apparent to me, that yes, there are those who find success, create success, make success, through doing.  Through business, through connections and networks there are many who have made great wealth and some of these have used that to impact the lives of others.

They are the ones to whom I am speaking about today.  The ones who outside of their doing, they were also busy being their journey and in this created greater impact than all of their wealth.  It was through this, that I discovered that it isnt about simply how we create ourselves.  That whilst we spend our lives revealing, creating, expressing who we are, there is more than this, and it is in this moment, when someone makes the decision to do this, that we are truly impacted by greatness.

If I take myself to a few of those who have inspired me, I stop to realise that they may have become successful or even famous through their choice of work. Their occupation.  That they have worked their way to a place of their success, their greatness, through all that they are doing.  But of these, there are a couple specifically that I notice stand out more for their work that they have been able to do , from that space.  That in becoming successful, they have then held a hand of love and gratitude to those around them and done greater work again.

Our greatest success isnt when we are creating ourselves but when we are giving ourselves back to the world

This then becomes a form of BEING. That whilst they do what they do, it enables them, empowers them to BE even greater than their work.  Not all choose it, but slowly time is seeing more and more walk towards a philanthropic path that gives them the ability to give back.  Sports stars who have made millions in their careers giving back to help young people find their way.  Film personalities finding a cause or charity that maybe connected to their own personal experiences adding weight to the movement.  Business men and women gifting of their ability to help others, or even finding ways to provide pathways for young people coming through.

This is our greatest work.  This is what truly draws success. This is a legacy!  This is our being all we are asked of and more to life and each other.. and it is who we each innately are.

And this is the reality of all of us.  That we don't have to be millionaires or famous to be able to deem ourselves successful.  Success in the first place of doing comes from doing all that we can to make our way in the world expressing who we are.

BUT each of us, have the ability to do our greatest work in being.  In being willing to give ourselves back to life.  That our skills, passions, abilities, or kindness can all be gifted to others and this is where we find our great success and our great joy.

I wonder how many discover this? I wonder how many people realise that through their success comes even greater opportunity to gift the world by bringing themselves to each of us around and offering time, opportunity, expertise, support, love or money.  That in giving ourselves back to life, we find we have truly created this legacy and the grounds of which all lives get built upon.

We all are seeking greater meaning to Life, and in this seeking a legacy to leave behind. I feel that this is exactly what we are doing in BEING.  As we give ourselves back to life we leave a trail, we leave a legacy for those to follow long after we may have tired or departed.  This trail allows others to begin where we have left off. It means they don't have to begin where we once did, but start through the experiences we have discovered and push even further into adventure and becoming.

We first succeed by the measure of our own success in achieving delivering our purpose to life. Bringing our passion into presence.  We greater succeed by leaving the legacy of how we BE in this world.  The lives we impact - the love we share and give.  This is our greatest work. This is the real depths of living with love and grace as we give ourselves back to life.


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