The shape of things to come

The past we recognise as History and not surprisingly it is based throughout a time when the masculine energy was dominate.  HIS Power, greed, war and destruction was rife.  As was the need for survival.  And survival was won.  

The future however is Herstory.  And it holds great relevance to the universal move to the feminine energy and to creation.  There is so much that will come from this move, and it is an important time.  

Here’s why.

It is about compassion

We have all seen and heard the talk of the heart.  About moving to our heart space in how we act and think and in all that we offer.  About how we can open to compassion and find a way to allow more unity to come from all walks of life. 

It is about our own heart, being filled with our own love, being open to loving our own self so hard that we rise and hold our hands out to lift those around us. 

Its the story of acceptance

In loving all that we are we find a space for acceptance.  We allow ourselves to be who we are and we love ourselves for it.  This acceptance is so deep and powerful it allows us to fully live our truth.  It allows us to step into all of our nuances and embrace them and honour them and to not only reveal them but reveal them with such pride that we open our hearts in acceptance to those around us.

It is about allowing our wounds to be filled with gold to allow us to love them

Our raw openness is brave.  It is bold.  And it is filling our wounds with gold such that they shine brighter.  No longer afeared of others knowing our past, no longer hiding from it or running from it with courage we step up and own our life, all of it, scars and all and we allow each crack of wound to be plated in gold to remind us at every turn that we can overcome, that we can survive, that we are resilient and that we dare to continue to chase our dreams no matter how dangerous it may be.

It is about awareness and intuition - knowing the soul and dancing with it

The great strength that is to be HERstory begins with our gut.  Not only knowing the tugs but listening - with deep listening - to the tugs to the pangs and following their guidance.  It is about allowing space for us to be truth - to be soft and to know that it is strong - to be kind and to know it is not weak - to be open and to know this isn't vulnerable - to be raw and to know this isn't failing.  And as we know all of this we dance!

And we dance to the tune within our own hearts and we sing to the lyrics we write. And we unfold and unfurl and we connect.

It is about creation

For that is the gift of HERstory.  The gift of creation.  That as we nurture and nourish all that we are we create.  We create our life, we create lives around us.  And we step into a space where we see all that is life and the land and we embrace it all.  And we love it all.  Not just loving self, not just each other, but all of life.  The land, the ocean, the sky and every sentient being.

Her story is about pushing barriers and creating new boundaries

The kinds of barriers that limit our souls.  The kind of barriers that tell us no when our hearts scream yes.  The kind of barriers that seek to hold us in when we are desperately pushing to be free. The barriers that limit us by labels.  That we can push past them and allow and accept each and every one of 'humankind' to be as it can be.  That we can live as we feel truly expresses all that we are without any barrier to that.

And that we are strong enough to set boundaries to protect these visions.  To protect these adventures.  To protect our truth.

Her story is about gathering

It is about not only gathering the harvest but gathering friends, family and community together.  

It is not just a time for us to gather food but that we gather together, that we create fire and space to cook and brew and create and that we create space for social connection. 

That we create space for conversation.  That we talk, about truths, about life and love.  That we hold space for this openness and this connection so that around the fires burning we carve new beginnings. 

That we create space and connection within our own heart and soul - within our families and within the community.

We build the communities, we raise communities and we strengthen them by the bonds that we weave through our magic as belonging to the time of HERstory.

Her story is about ritual

The kind of rituals that build resilience and strength.  The kind of rituals that bond in love.  The kind that look to the stars and the skies and honour its own feminine power and call to it to ask its presence to be strong.  

It is a feminine act to have constancy to provide commitment and to endure for long periods of time - such is the process of life we know all too well within us for creation for carrying a child and then birthing it to life.

We know the story of creation and the length of labouring in which we build the true gifts of life.  We know how we must honour the magic and mystery of life.

Her story is everything ancient and yet everything new.

It is everything of the Earth and everything of the Divine.

It is all things

It is great things

and it is great things to come, as we step into the space that she holds for the future.

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