When you're a creator, stories come to you asking to be told.

They come begging you to pull them from within you, and reveal them to all those around.  They come already formed as a piece of the threads of life.  They are already a part of you, almost a deep memory waiting to be pulled again to life.  They come seeking you because you are the only one who knows exactly how to bring it to life.  

They may come to be moulded, crafted, carved from wood, painted to a canvas.  They may be seeking an empty page to be written upon.  They may come as a string of wool that we turn and thread into a jumper or creating the story line of the family into a wall hanging.  It comes in many forms. 

Creators, TRUE creators, are not about whats being asked for in life, but providing whats needed in life. 

It is those who respond to what simply tugs at them saying I am ready to be released.  They aren't seeking a demand to be satisfied but rather transforming the idea of what it is that the world needs into a form it can be received in.  And they never fear if the world is ready, they simply know that it will find its way.  Those who need it and those who will themselves in turn be inspired by it, will find it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Another trait of true creators is limitless and boundless openness.  That their creation is not governed by ideas or ideals or recipes of others.  They aren't formed by the world, they allow the world to form around what comes to life from them.  It is risky and daring and bold.  It is responding to life and the service to those around them.

And so begins the story of Jun.

The unfolding of her.  The truth of her arrival as a reconnection to pieces of memory.  To a deeper commitment to healing in life.  To the calling of life to want to come together in so many ways.  She is the drink of the gods for so many reasons.

It is within the creation of Jun that we pour essence, energy and ancestors.  As with true creations, she is already formed, already her own journey and mostly I feel she is simply pouring out of me into you.  Jun's story comes as the rising of the gods within each of us.  A reconnection to our truth.

There is her health, yes, this is one piece of her journey. 

Jun is so many things poured into one amazing beverage. It is all about aligning gut health, mental health and taking responsibility for our own health as much as being a key element to the growing culture of conscious living.

We begin with the play on the words of her creation, the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) holds a culture.  

Jun begins as the culture of inner health.

Jun provides us with an avenue into the physical component of health and into a connection of a wellness drinking culture.

There are so many health benefits to Jun that we could talk about them endlessly. And they are important health benefits, that can create great change within.  We can talk about the ingredients and the minerals, but I am of the belief that none of these create the true healing essence of Jun.

She is wellness and consciousness and creation. She is more than a drink to us at of the gods.  We could use words like tonic, or elixir or potion, she is all of these but it is through her beginning, where she is set down with intention, with a vibration and essence of healing that all of this comes together.

Her greatest secrets lie within her creation story which incorporates a number of alternative methods to bring a true concoction of magic to light.  The story behind Jun’s beginning is one of old alchemy using the elements, the elementals, compassion and of course the Gods.

Creation story

She begins through a slow cold brew process, slowly revealing and opening the nutrients from the tea.  Like all of our truth, it doesn't come in a flash, but as a slow release, and so we give her time.  Gently releasing hour by hour.  She is then infused with crystal water bathed under a full moon from each cycle.  This alone, begins its stillness, peace and grace.  To instil this deeper into her being, the Gayatri Mantra (Universal Compassion) and the eternal OM sound are chanted to it daily.  It is carried by the energy of surrounding crystals and it is opened to the oracles each setting to bring forth the gods that are intentional for this brew.  I personally think that whilst even all this is breathtaking, it is the conversations that it holds that are its most spectacular final element. 

Daily conversations

Everyday I speak with her of the energy she must hold. 

That one day someone will open a bottle and pour a glass with tears in their eyes thinking life is too much and that they simply can’t give anymore.  They may speak of sadness or depression, stress or anxiety, and they may say 'I can’t go on.'  And they’ll need to be held, and she’ll need to be strong.  She’ll need to comfort them and heal their hearts through her love. I tell her she is strong enough to hold this space.

And for that person who opens the bottle in joy and celebration she will need to steady them.  Keep them clear on their journey.  There will be so many conversations.  So many intimate moments that she will be  asked to be a part of and she’ll need to be brave and courageous and compassionate and patient and forgiving.   I remind her of the joy in which she is created and crafted and that this joy flows into her being and into their hearts and she too can celebrate.

Sometimes she’ll simply need kindness.  She’ll embrace them with a hug.  She will just want to share a smile and place a lift in their step to allow them to make it through another day. 

I also remind her of her responsibility in their health.  That she carries a heavy load within their souls to bring awareness to what needs to be healed.  To any discomfort and she is ready for this.  I love her tenacity in  wanting to achieve so much.

But you can do all these things for it is why and how she is created, as a part of the truth of life.

And you can enjoy this with her as you sip silently, and raise a glass to your journey of self love in wellness, or your journey through challenges in life, or in celebration and success. She will be with you every step of the way.  She and the very Gods that created her.

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