Allowing ourselves to create without boundaries. Being prepared to throw things away. To take risks in order to discover what lies within.  Within clay, within a canvas, within the earth, within the flour.  

Being creative is not always about creating something new. It is about discovering what is within something and allowing its creation to come to the fore.  It is about endless magic and belief, knowing that something exists within a substance.  Knowing that an artwork lies within a canvas.  It is not simply our expression but revealing the expression of what lies within the mediums that we work with.

It is boundless.  It is open and it is an adventure.

This is how we find genius within all things, by constantly opening jars and doors, opening our minds and our expressions - and walking into them.  Walking amongst them.  Amongst pathways, and mixing and experimenting and experiencing and beginning again and again.

Is this you?

There is a creator within all of us.

I know that some may baulk at this,  thinking that there are those who 'can' create and simply those who cannot.  This is simply not true.  There is a creator within all of us.

And I encourage and beg all of us to discover this side of our own self, because it allows a joy of creating that goes beyond many other joys. I think the key falls into some very small notes that rarely get spoken about.  I would say rules if you like, but then rules is not quite the right word for anything that is so limitless.  More they are truths, and these truths, open us to actually discovering the creative side within.

There are truths to creativity?

Plenty of them! Most which are so poetic in their creation that it would take a lifetime to unravel them all.  And so I wanted to make it simple, so that more of us begin to allow this glorious side of our self to emerge.

Truth #1:

That true creating is not about creation alone but allowing what is already within to become.  This means we can step away from thinking that we are not a creator because we can't 'create' rather than to step into and allow what we see to emerge.

Truth #2:

That creating is not simply a science, nor is it only for witches or eccentrics that craft their way through days.  It is for cooks, and artists and gardeners and designers and brewers and well, there is NO craft that is not within the law of alchemy.  For everything is already waiting to be discovered.

Truth #3:

That there is more than one way.  There are millions.  Each waiting to be found.  More than one way to fly, one way to create light, one way to bake a cake, one way to paint a masterpiece, one way to potter some clay.  Everything we each do is individual to the way we reveal it.  That's the beauty of creation, tapping into it allows you to be the master of your works!

Truth #4: 

That we will always see things within, very very differently to others.  And as one shapes some clay to discover a vase another will shape clay to discover a bowl.  Because that is what was found within.  

Truth #5 : 

Possibly the most important truth.  That what we allow will be a reflection of ourselves.  That through our experiences of life we will see and desire and feel and connect and allow from our own being.  This is what makes creation so delicious.  That when we step into it, it is really about allowing ourselves to reveal our own truth as we reveal what lies within our craft!

Release our inner creator!

There is a freedom in creation.  A part of us taps into more than our own self and brings something new to life.  It is expansive for our own soul to experience this.  It is therapeutic for us.  But I guess it is only this if we allow ourselves to step into the creatives way.  Yes, there is a mindset.  One that has a few characteristics.  Please don't read through these and convince yourself this is not you, it is you, it is all of us, and it is simply needing us to begin and you will see all of these traits come to you.

Creators way: 

No limits - boundless to what can be done and what can be achieved.

Courage - to simply begin without asking or seeking approval or permission but from your own self.

Steely - in one's resolve and ability to begin over and over again.  One must be prepared to throw away, or wash away, or paint over and begin again. Life doesn't always come bursting out of the ground, often we have to dig and dig for it to be found!

Real and raw - not blinded by bull shit but able to feel authentic in what they are bringing to life.  Allowing their own way to be discovered not simply bringing to life another persons asking or dream.

Patient - because we will not get it right first time, and we will need to keep going, and we will all need to feel the patience of allowing this process to evolve and become greater and greater within us.

Just begin.  Just allow yourself to feel the creative side within you, allow yourself to embrace creation in all forms and sing and dance and laugh and smile your way through everything you bring to life.  And as we each discover more within the canvas or the cooking, or the earth, we will discover more of our own truth and heart.


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