There is a journey that we call life, that is full of our becoming.  It was designed for our growth, for our connection for our ability to consciously see, know and feel more than our own self.  It is designed FOR our becoming.  What we become in the space of our life will always depend on who we allow ourselves to be.

This is Being. 

Being is the space where we live.  Whether that is a space of our truth or not, is really what determines the life we lead.  Some may see the space of being as a space of authenticity.  It can be this, but only if being is being true to who we are.  This space can also be about lies and deception if that is how we are living and who we are choosing to be.  More and more the space of being is recognised as a space of authenticity for walking the walk.  No longer satisfied surrounded by those who simply talk the talk, we want to be surrounded by those who walk their talk.  Those who 'being' is about their journey to truth.

And so the culture at Of The Gods, seeks to consciously bring about the possibilities of all that we are, and all that is.

It is a space created to allow for such possibility.  To open to all potential and to ask for ourselves to be truer than true.

There is not one way.

There are many paths to truth.  Thats the gloriousness of life.  That we will each walk our own path of experiences to encounter our truth.  Acceptance is a huge key in being able to walk alongside others in this journey, for only acceptance allows an open ended agreement to being.  To being who we are at any moment and asking for that to be held whilst we gently work it out and sort our affairs and walk to the line.

Regardless of there being many paths and many ways, there seems to be a circular evolving that is occurring at all times through this.  And it is from this that we come to finding our three pillars of conscious living.  A movement if you like that begins within ourselves, oscillates out to community and a collective and eventually works into the movement of life itself.  Thus, all being one.

I wanted to take a moment to expand on our three pillars, for each person to derive their own meaning and understanding so that this movement of energy that is continuously oscillating within and around us can finally become a space of one.

The three pillars of conscious living.


The work of reconnecting to who we are, is ours alone, but one that was destined to be guided by others because that is how we are guided through life.  We become through experiences.  Through encounters. We become.through creating pathways  We become through finding our own way.  Yet where to begin?

The conscious journey of self is that of wellness. It is the journey of self love. It asks that we not only know ourself but that we consciously consider and accept all of who we are.  It is a journey that many of us avoid, yet it is the great work of a lifetime! The work that ultimately brings us to deeper acceptance of ourself. Without this, we flounder through life, through illness, through seeking purpose and disconnected from our truth.

It is of course about looking within and whilst we may shudder at what we will find in doing this, it is what life is ultimately about.  It is as if that the entire process, reason and meaning given to life is our own self coming to a realisation of our truth, and then living as that.  Which always seems simple, but of course, daily we change and grow, and move and become and evolve and so daily we are working to balance and align our being, to trust who we are, to honour all that we are and to live from that space.

Tough work. Yet, the most valuable and rewarding work that is the only answer as a beginning to finding meaning and purpose to life.


But what of others you may ask?  We aren't created to be alone!  Very, very true.  We are a piece, but one piece, an important piece, of the whole.  And so as it is that circular movement I spoke of, that as we grow in our own self and open to our own truth, we circulate that to expand amongst a community in order to connect.

If it isn't enough that we are working to know our own inner space, every day we are working this into a community, into relationships, into the movement of those around us.  If you can imagine right now the sun and the moon and the planets and the stars all rotating around each other yet at the same time being themselves - well this is exactly what we are all doing here, within our own self, and moving around each other.  As above, so below.

When we work with conscious living we come to understand that none of it is complete without connection. That we all seek to connect and rejoice in all that is around us. And as with the planets, every piece of us impacts every piece of each other and all that is happening around us.

Conscious living  is ultimately embracing all of Life. The miracles that are ourselves, life, the diversity of the land as much as of one other.  Connection at this level expands us, and this expansion is enormous.  Perhaps for the very first time we see not only all that we are, but our place in life, our importance to life and one another, and see that there lies no separation between us. That we are all of the same. That how we progress and define our way is unique to each of us, but never wrong. Never incomplete. At its best we see that in connection we dissolve all barriers and dismantle darkness. That as we love and treat our own self, we love and treat each other and Life around us.  That in crazy conversations and joyous moments we can talk through anything to come through understanding to acceptance  and to being able to revolve around each other whilst still being all that we are.


The culture of soul is a culture of consciousness.

At the very essence we seek to reconnection to Spirit. That being the very depths of who we are.  A conscious space that holds no boundaries, sees no separation and contains all possibility.  

For each piece of the journey we can say that experience and life shapes us, that we become from all that we encounter.  That we each have within our own life the experiences that can open us to our own truths.  That how we encounter and what we do with each of these encounters is what will create or destroy us.  Even destruction ultimately creates us.  That this level of consciousness is no different except that we no longer are looking at who we are, or how we connect to community, but how we expand beyond both of these into our impact upon life. 

That if we refer back to my analogy of 'as above so below' we come to understand at our deepest level that there is no beginning or end to be found, nor is there any greater or lessor, there is simply each of us and all of us that impacts the whole.  That every moment and every piece of our being is a resonance of truth that circulates and moves through the truth of all that is around us and together we bring all things to one, into alignment, into balance.

Its a most glorious awareness that asks us to step into the realisation of ourself, and each other yes, but to our entirity and to the energy and pull and resonance that allows all of this to occur.

This is conscious living. 

That we move through these stages of life and being and existence which is constantly moving and shaping and forming all things within and around us.  It is a perfect happening of complexities that seems to work without our knowing.  And yet as we move to the conscious way of being we become more compassionate and concerned about all things and all of life and life itself.

It is a way. Our own way, yet seemingly the way that moves us all.  

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