I have long said that being a woman grants us greater insight into many things.  One of which is love. The capacity to know love at a level that is contained in creation and what that means is indescribable.  The other is creation.  That opportunity to co-create with life and bring a whole new being into the world.

I have had the privilege of this process three times.  The entire process still enthrals me. I  would do it over again. Even now, after all this time, as there is something so unexplainably magic within the process.  Knowing that I AM creating life, through simply being a woman. Through all that I AM, I get to not only be the keeper of the formation of life, but to birth it, and to harness it towards its own life is just the greatest gift we can know. In this being a woman is enough.

It would be fair I guess if we are using labels to say as well as being a mum,  I am sum what of an entrepreneur, for want of a better word to describe what I do. I have been in business for myself for over 15 years now.  Owning and operating a variety of businesses.  Yet it hasn't been until this particular moment now, the one here with creating JUN at of the gods  that I have come to realise how truly amazing it is to honour the path of creation and birthing in the business world.  I guess as it is a collaboration of all that I am, I bring together all things from my life, I am embodying every part of being a woman.

To say I co create is an understatement. I deeply honour that I work alongside the Universe in creation of all that I do. As I come to truly understand this greater through my years, I notice how my collaboration has changed.  It is deeper and although I have always held Faith in each business and worked with simple instincts as to timing and what to do with each one, this time, is at a whole new level.  And I believe it is because of the connection to the joy of bringing life, in all its forms, to the world. It is from a space of awareness of both creation and birthing that as a woman, I am still pregnant with ideas and notions and desire that seeks to bring about a whole new impact for life.  That be it a new soul of human life or a new energy of business creation, both impact.  Both are here for a task to bring about change in their own way.

I write this rambling for both business women and mums, with the thought to align the two important fields of work that we do.  We create and we love. Both of these are the extras that we get to enjoy as women.  I also write this for the women who aren't mums, because within their desire to bring in new life, we mustn't limit ourselves as to what that is, what life we do bring alive, what marvels we do create and what joy we give to sharing our love and why the birthing process is just so important in so many ways. 

Lets talk briefly about love, and our enormous capacity to expand with it. Literally, if used wisely all that we create coes from this expansion of love.  We are full of love as creation occurs. It's not that men can't love, it's simply that they will never be able to experience this connection of 'creation love' like women do.  It is that we are gifted with this one very important factor, and this precious wisdom becomes our duty to teach them.  Hence the need for the rise of the feminine, but thats a whole other piece of writing.

The process of creation, the unity and bond, the depth of compassion and nurturing that it takes to bring life. The process it takes to create life within us. This intense connection can't be defined.  And nor should it be given any other description than simply 'creation' as love.  There's nothing like it. It is fiercely protective, it is strong, enduring, compassionate, nurturing and it is unfathomably believing in itself.  It knows without question how to become if it should listen to its instinctual nature.  This depth of love is literally LIFE.  And we create it.

Creation.  The ability to bring alive from tiny seeds the beginning of life.  A conception not limited to a child but expanding to an idea, a process,  a knowing of what needs to be done or given.  This process, is gifted to a woman.  We hold within us a space that simply allows all to grow and become. We make room for this. We allow the process of this.  We intuitively design this and we allow more than this, for we ask it to expand.  And we tell it that we will work with it and fit around it and expand and endure with it.  We give time to its becoming, each tiny piece coming together.  All within the space of our womb.  Our inner conscious connection That nurturing ground of creation.

Birthing. Labouring. Bringing things into life. The process, the delivery. All things that matter in this stage. We’ve travelled through creating and building. Now we have to give it to life. No one can do this for us. And there is so much happening when it all goes down.  Our bodies react and respond to the signs, to the calling, to the want for life to be given over.  The reality of birthing is one that asks us to again trust, go with the flow, respond to our body, listen, give over and to release.  Intense and powerful. And this I have come to discover through years of both business and motherhood is exactly the same when we are invested in our creations.  The time to create within, the time to birth. The time of bearing down and readying ourselves knowing that life will not be the same again because we will give everything over to this creation and all it becomes.

Yes this is creating a child, but in my desire to continue that process of creation I have come to realise that in many ways it is why I am an entrepreneur, for it is also creating a business.  It is creation, period. I continue so that I can continue this process. So that I can, through creation make changes to the world. That I can continue to create within me a gift that will bring about new energy to life and this gift will impact others around it.  And so this time my co-creation is utterly important to me for I have deeper knowing and greater awareness and I can now expand to making greater impact around me.

And so in business I create, I begin that process of conception and allow the seeds of my intuition to guide me into a space of what life needs. I then allow it to expand and in that process we work hard to unfold all of its potential. 

And the birthing process no different. Labouring to bring to life what we have created. Needing that same flow and release.  Working with the elements and timing.  Responding to everything that's around us.  Until it is here, alive.

And then the process of love begins again. Nurturing, holding, being protective. Taking it by the hand to steady into life.  Allowing it its faults and looking to its strengths.  Allowing it to stumble until it can run.  Allowing each step of growth and expansion.

We are the masters of creation.  A child, a concept, an idea, all the things that we break from a seed into our our self to create new life.  As women we need to step into the space of creation greater and allow more and more energy to come to light.  We need to see ourselves as this form of creation and step greater into it and allowing this feminine rise to come from it.

There is an intrinsic knowing as a woman, not just to what to create but when and how because instinctively we know what is being asked of life.  Even if the impact is for one person to rise it is a worthy cause.  And we must step into this space now.  We must allow ourselves the time to do the work to reconnect to our truth so that as we rise, the conscious of life rises.  That as we connect to our truth we ripple to all around us to connect to theirs.  That as we allow instinct to guide our creations we are calling each woman to stand along side us and do the same. 

As a woman. This is a part of all our purpose and calling.  That of creation and birthing that to life.

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