‘I am free to be all that I am.’

As the daughter of Zeus and the twin of Apollo, Artemis could have been over looked as a Goddess sitting amongst her powerful family, but this was no ordinary woman! This was a Goddess who was determined and strong from the beginning, where legend has it that being the first born twin she then helped her mother birth her brother Apollo.  Her independence and determination set her apart from others from an early age. She sought six wishes from her father and of them, one that she would never have to marry, the other that she could stay a daughter to the woods, these were two of her most independent qualities.

With her ability to hunt with bow and arrow, as much as her ability to assist in childbirth she knew of the balance of life and death and was equally at home hunting as she was bringing in life.  Her desire to rule the mountains saw her live amongst the forest and be called upon for either birthing or a young woman’s rite of passage.  She was a Goddess of great ability and her attributes are ones we all need to call upon today to stand up for who we are and all we desire our life to be. She embodies everything that says I am free to be all that I am and all that I choose. We can raise a glass to that! 

Why White Peony and Marshmallow Root?

Whilst both white and green tea come from the same plant, they hold very different qualities.  The white peony tea is harvested at a young age, and only the very tips, the soft silver tips and two leaves are carefully removed.  White tea is then steamed rapidly and dried to pull in and retain as much of its antioxidants and flavour. It is therefore higher in antioxidants than the green tea. It is a powerful heart and cholesterol herb.  In truth it is now being recognised as a herb used for centuries amongst Chinese herbalists for its amazing qualities. Add this to the powerful benefits of the marshmallow root also known for its heart health and you have a tonic rich in its heart healing qualities.  If that isnt enough, take Marshmallow roots digestive strengths and that it is a mucilage herb that coats our digestive tract and you see a herb that in this bottle has so much power. This is a wild blend, hence being given to Artemis whose ability to tame the forest and the wildness of nature grants this energy very powerful intention.


I could talk non stop about the benefits of Herbs. I highlight merely a few. You can always explore more yourself.

  • Antioxidant rich

  • Aids digestion and heart health

  • Coats digestive lining

  • Aligns with Vata and Pitta dosha

Our Recommendations

  • A part of our Tonic range of Jun yet equally refreshing.

  • These are intended as an elixir.

  • If you are new to Jun begin with one shot per day. 100ml and increase from there.

  • Crafted with the intention of healing, these are to be given the respect they deserve in what they offer.

  • If you are concerned with any medications you are taking that may conflict with these herbal ingredients consult your Medical Practitioner first.