I strengthen myself from within

Known in both Greek mythology and that of the legend of the Amazonian tribes where she was Queen ruling over the all female warriors, this is a woman with a healthy fierceness to be heard. In both accounts her name tells us exactly of her presence. 'The fighter of men', she knew her strength and physical prowess. She was tall and muscular and fit and not to be messed with. In both myths her skills were as strong as her body with her ability to take command and lead into battle seen as her great strength.

I love her stories depicted with the Amazonians. Despite many saying there isn't enough proof that there was such a tribe the myth and talk is strong enough that simply the energy of her existence is enough to beg of us to take on many of her qualities. Should we seek a healthy fierceness here is a woman who can handle herself, who can endure and who balances her masculine and feminine in a way that shows her ability to create and achieve and succeed. A healthy fierceness is a gift to fulfilling our life purpose, if we do so from within. Who doesn't want to drink to that!

Why Lemon?

The humble Lemon we have all come to know as a fabulous beginning to our day to kick start our digestion in a warm glass of water. Add to this its high Vitamin C component and its ability to aid the kidneys and we begin to see all the goodness of Lemons. Partially because of its own acidic qualities, and partially because it stimulates digestive juice production in the stomach, lemons can do so much more to aid our Liver.  Due to the Lemon aiding so greatly in digestion it allows the Liver to work more efficiently with less work to do. All of this brings about another benefit to the lemon, our skin is impacted by our healthy system and has a glow to its health.


I could talk non stop about the benefits of Herbs. I highlight merely a few. You can always explore more yourself.

  • High in Vitamin C

  • Aids  digestion

  • Liver cleanser

  • Aligned with Kapha dosha

Our Recommendations

  • Lemon Jun is part of both our tonic and refresher range.

  • If you are new to Jun begin with 100-150ml per day. Slowly increasing over time.

  • Can be added to any smoothie base to really boost your green smoothie power - I especially love this blend with any of the berry mixes to give that sharp tang to a smoothie.

  • A great drink with friends or in quenching your thirst.

  • The perfect bottle to take to dinner as a stunning display of health and vitality.