Coming from the Shinto faith, Amaterasu is the warrior of 'enough' is within us all. Known as the Goddess of the sun and the universe she knew within her lay all that she needs in order to be.  Her very name means ‘to shine in heaven’ and in this she always allowed herself to be seen as all that she was.  Ultimately the world is a better place with our presence and showing and revealing all that we are is a gift not only to ourselves but to the whole of life. Amaterasu embodied this message.

Why Raw and Original?

Amaterasu is our Raw and original flavoured Jun for this very reason. It is enough all on its own and we love it for how beautiful it is without adding anything else to it.  Whilst we recognise that our Raw is hardcore we have good reason for it.  There is no adding, no 'other' ingredients to make it more suitable to your taste.  Whilst so many beverages today focus on flavour - mainly sweetness- being a great way to be 'liked' we recognise that this does nothing for our health benefits.  If 'sweet' continues to be the main taste that we find acceptable or most pleasing to our palate we will continue to find ourselves addicted to the need for sugar and 'sweetness' in our life.  In an effort to change this, we leave our Raw, perfectly RAW.  In aligning with Amaterasu’s we also discover her most deepest message to us all. To love who we are. that we are enough, that we need not add any sweetness to our own inner beauty in order to be our greatest self.  As her name claims, in revealing all that we allow our very essence ‘to shine in heaven’.

Our Recommendations

  • A part of our Refresher range of Jun.
  • If you are new to Jun begin with 250ml per day. Slowly increasing over time.
  • If you are an avid fermented drink user then you can have as much as 500ml per day.
  • Can be added to any smoothie base to really boost your green smoothie power.
  • A great drink with friends or in quenching your thirst.
  • The perfect bottle to take to dinner as a stunning display of health and vitality.