Dear me,

I am here now, I am getting the support I need.


We begin wherever you are…

It doesn’t matter where you show up, that is where I will meet you. This is where we begin. With what is showing up the loudest at this time. With what is creating the greatest challenges, or the greatest pain. It may be through illness, it may be through relationships it may simply be finding a whole new pathway. Wherever it happens to be, this is the start.

We are the most important work we will ever endure.


Starting with now honours you

This is how we honour you. By starting with NOW. Our most important work is always going to be on our own journey. Our life path and how we live it. How we honour that tells us how we will live. If we deny truly giving to our greatest life, or if we avoid doing the work to make it a great life, we ultimately miss having the best life we can and invite illness and mental health issues to be a part of the journey.

Life will always bring lessons, that its job.


Finding space to breathe and be heard.

The greatest compassion we can give ourselves is to listen to our own body mind and soul. Listen to what it is saying, how it is saying it, knowing what is showing up. In doing this, we can then acknowledge where lessons are being thrown at us and we can find space to work our way through them To do this, we find ways to be heard. Ways to be able to navigate and translate whats happening in life and how best we can move through it. No matter what it is.

It doesn’t matter where you show up on this journey, I will simply meet you where you are, and that is where we will begin.


There’s no hiding

No amount of not showing up is going to change anything. How would it feel to know tomorrow is going to be the same as today - unless you change?

This process is about you, your life and how you shape it.

The work of shaping our life comes down to our choices. How we choose it to be. How we choose to show up and express ourselves. How we choose to experience it and who we choose to have along with us. It is a lot of choices. A lot of decisions to be made. Yet everyone of those choices can and will impact what our life becomes.

There’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle and it is why having someone to listen and offer up thoughts and support is nothing short of essential! Someone who can navigate us through the deep muddy waters or the storms. Or simply the days that are confusing and needing to find clarity as to directions and decisions. Those days!

Depending where you are we may dive into,


Your health.

You want wellness. Specifically I am talking physical health. The ability to feel energised and not tired. Alive and not simply counting hours until your head hits the pillow again. You are wanting to feel like you can move freely and without pain. You want to have great heart health and a body that functions smoothly and without the need for medication to get you through a day. You want to know your health is strong enough to let you enjoy a long and fulfilled life.


Your mental health.

We know when our mental health is taking a hit. It can come at any time and there are moments when it can silently sneak up on us, or times it makes its presence known with full force. It can come as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, stress (to name common feelings) or all of these at once! Life is a maze, and a puzzle, and a juggling act, and a circus, and a whole series of survivor all at once! We just need help to wade through it all, make sense of things and to find space to breathe.


Your connection to community.

With so much going on in life, it is easy to step out of connection. And disconnect from family, friends and community is a huge loss in our life. It can create loneliness, and loneliness has been shown to be as dramatic a cause of illness as many other symptoms. We are not meant to go it alone. We are not designed to learn and grow without connection. So we learn how to reconnect.


Your consciousness.

Being conscious of life is ultimately embracing all of Life. The miracles that are life, the diversity of the land as much as of one other. Connection at this level expands us, and this expansion is enormous. Perhaps for the very first time we see not only all that we are, but our place in life, our importance to life and one another, and see that there lies no separation between us. That we are all of the same. That how we progress and define our way is unique to each of us, but never wrong. Never incomplete.


When we encounter hiccups along the path we just need to find space to talk and breathe to find a way through.

There’s always highs and lows in life. I liken it to being at the top of the wave, riding the wave, going through some barrels or trying to hold our breath as we are being submerged! Add to this the constant changes that are always playing out, there’s a lot to ride through! For you to be here, you know what I mean and I give you credit for recognising that you are may be in need of someone to listen and help bring some stability and clarity. We start wherever you are, and work our way to the roots and to the core of the situations, through the darkness and home again.


Bring your upside down world right side up.

Why me to help you? For over 30 years I have studied in every element of wellness and wellbeing, and most importantly lived it. From the body to the mind to the soul. Without doubt, I know where to look and what to look for. I translate, navigate and set free. It is within every fibre of my being. And I know I can help you find your pathway here. Let me be more clear. I have an Adv. Diploma Metaphysical Counselling. Adv. Diploma Wellness Consultant and Counsellor. including nutrition and dietary guidance. I have practiced as a counsellor for over 10 years. Held Strength and Conditioning Coaching qualifications and worked in the area of Personal Training and Fitness for 20 years. I am a Kriya Ban Yogi specialising in Breath and meditation and have practiced and taught Yoga for 15 years. AND an avid health and wellness researcher.

I know it is a huge step opening up to someone and trusting them.

And I commend you for thinking about it. Doing so means you are truly wanting the very best for yourself and your life. You are recognising that we all need to have someone on our team supporting us and if you are prepared to put aside all reasons as to why not, then you will make your way to finding a pathway out of where you are and into where you are wanting to be.