Of the Gods is a culture of Wellness. It runs deep and it runs to our core. It is a culture that creates us in every aspect of who we are, such that we create wellBEING. This culture is asking for us to be alive and well in every moment. To find ourselves within every moment, and to allow diversity and acceptance of all else to be in the moment. It is one where we are united in our differences as these are what bring us together.



To get to know or even begin to understand the founder at of the gods is not an easy task. Not because she isn't willing to share every piece of her stories and learnings, but because they are so in depth and intense and full of mystique and wisdom you just don't know where to begin. It is a great conversation over a Jun or two!  Simply, It is lifetimes of wellness, of learning, of healing to create all that this brings to life. Of the gods is the culmination of this journey, bringing all that is true wellBEING to life.  Her journey this lifetime has been about learning, about growing, about business, about being a mum, about having great relationships and about creating amazing energy and essences as a result of this.  All of which brings us here, and to Jun, the fabulous drink that is the salute to your wellness. It is the ritual of stillness that you give to yourself, in your journey to wellbeing.  She does all of her own crafting and creating. Her work with the essence and vibration 'of the gods', of life, the moon the cycles of life- all things to truly encapsulate healing, wellness and peace, is ritual to her.  Her best work is achieved quietly, amongst nature, amongst stillness and all of this is captured in her work for you. This journey, this drink is her essence. It is an invitation into her world.  If you would like to work with her, you can contact us here.


Our Vision is one of wellness for everyone.  Wellness is not about wealth or privilege as it appears today.  It is our basic right to be well and to have the power to choose wellness, whomever we are and wherever we live.  Wellness that is visible in body mind and soul.  Wellness that protects its environment, its community and every individual within it. 

Our Mission, is that through the journey of Jun, in education, awareness and retreats, we seek to restore the culture of wellness. To return to a culture that supports all that being well asks of us physically, mentally and spiritually. This culture is united by diversity and acceptance. One steeped in ritual, yet willing to open and learn new ways and to educate each other on how we can best support the journey.  We seek to find access for all to wellness through their surroundings and cultural connection. Whilst we recognise the enormity of this task, the strength of its essence is in the reconnection to our own self, to each other, to the land and to the raising of our consciousness, and as such will provide opportunity for these to exist for all.