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of the gods.

Jun brewers, change-makers, truth sayers, culture lovers - of the gods is the collection of all these things and more. We exist to bring the culture of conscious living, in its many forms, back into the lives of all.

Established in 2015 by Cari, of the gods uses Jun (a drink made by cultures) as the journey to the destination of conscious living. Highlighted in our three pillars of culture, conscious living is asking us to awaken our sleeping giant within.

To aid in this journey, of the gods also offers a range of online resources, counselling, retreats and daily affirmations found on our social pages where our culture connects us all.

“We seek to restore the culture of conscious living into the hearts and lives of people everywhere - undivided by differences, and brought together in acceptance of each other, and our common quest of conscious action, thought and presence.”


Meet our founder, Cari.

As mystical as she is raw, Cari has dedicated her life to conscious living in all its forms. From all that is living in wellness within the body, to training the mind, to restoring the soul, Cari brings a wealth of knowledge from her various walks of life to of the gods.  Her love for quantum physics and quantum entanglement as much as the sage depth to her spiritual wisdom Cari is the same blend of science and spirituality that lives within the culture at of the gods and Jun, the drink she lovingly ferments.  Lovingly tending and devoting hours to research and techniques to delivering an authentic and traditional tonic for the body mind and soul has been her passion. 

Cari has owned numerous businesses, is a qualified wellness and metaphysical counsellor and has written and published over 20 books whilst raising three humans and many more animals. You will find Cari meditating at the start and end of every day, yoga-ing, finding new things to ferment (nothing is safe), writing down poetic ponderings, philosophising over life, and helping whoever she can to reach their greatest potential. Cari is available for counselling, speaking at events, and just for a general yarn if you’d like to know more. To contact her, please click here.