10,000 steps to stillness.

Your personal journey from wellness to wellbeing.


You have to care about you…

The journey of wellness is one of self love. Lets be simple and straight. If you do not care about you - then it shows in your health. It shows in your mental health. It impacts you physically. The moment you step into giving a damn about you, your life, your journey, you begin to act on taking care of it. This is wellness. And wellness leads to wellbeing, they go hand in hand. Well, they should!

You are the only solution to finding your wellness.


Seeking solace within

The walk from wellness to wellbeing, is like the walk home. To finding space and stillness within. It’s a space of inner peace. We all seek this. It brings meaning and purpose to all our lives.

Wellbeing isn’t visible like wellness is. It’s not something we can wear its simply who we are. Our ability to cope with life comes from our wellbeing. The highs and lows, the stress, the joy all managed through this connection. It is our strength, our calm, our compassion our gentle ways. It is our ability to cope.Wellness is what brings the meaning and purpose connection to our life, it’s an integral part of the puzzle.

There is no greater wealth you will own than your health.


The journey walks hand in hand.

This is not a ‘course’ nor is it a predesigned stock standard program. We don’t know fully what may be ahead and this is why a personalised approach is essential. We must ride the waves of what comes effectively, as it comes, and in truth, when dealing with wellness and wellbeing we have a lot of work to do! This is your path and we are creating it now. Truth is though - WE - have to walk it together and we have to respond with each and every piece that arises during this time.

This is a beginning and I want you to get great gains out of it. This is the ability to form new rituals to stay the course of life in order for wellness to come to you and with that wellness walk towards wellbeing.

You are unique …

No amount of doing the same as anyone else is going to be right for you. A personalised and individualised approach is the only way that you will create a path of wellness and walk into wellbeing.

We are accustomed to seeing every piece of a ‘course’ mapped out for us.

This is why we are here at this point in time realising that one ‘same same’ approach can never work. Any and every aspect of work on the SELF, be it healing, be it wellness, be it wellbeing is all PERSONAL. I don’t want to PLAN more than I have to begin. It is essential that we are responding to whats happening to you every step of the way and not sticking to an automated plan. It needs to work with you as each piece of you comes to the fore. It needs to belong to you.

The absolute need to know stuff.


60 days! We need time to reshape your life.

You want to find your true north. That inner compass has got to guide you to your own place of wellness and wellbeing. And we need time. It takes time. Truth is 60 days will see enough time to identify every aspect of body mind and soul. We need to be working on all levels at all times and truly looking at root causes of issues that arise. The why. In fact deeper than the root cause, down to the very soil that all things grow from. What has been the beginning. To begin now in discovering this, we need these 60 days! Every single moment of them.


Keep the ritual change the habit

We all have rituals that are happening in our days. They are recognisable things we do that we are connected to. Habits are not conscious like rituals are. Habits are mostly things we do without thinking. We can keep the ritual - the things we are connected to- we just switch up the habits so that we are consciously creating our best life!


Stay the course!

Its not an overnight job. That distance in front of you is the rest of your life! If you find the grit to stay the course, because it is a lifetime commitment, one you are willing to give to yourself in the best interests of how much you love the thought of having a great life, then you win. Enjoying life with family and friends, having energy, feeling alive, looking great. It is a worthwhile journey, but you have to stay the course.


And be honest!

The only way this is going to work, like really work, is if you are completely up front and honest with yourself and strong enough to express that. NOTHING good will come from not telling the truth at any point. Absolutely nothing can be changed or repaired or rewired or released without knowing about it. Yep - it can hurt to have to pull out all the things you think are your little secrets but it’s the only way. I know this one for a fact!


I have created something spectacular here, with you in mind.

I know how good wellness is. I have been studying, living, breathing, talking, giving and sharing wellness and wellbeing for 30 years. I have stayed the course. I know there’s one very important thing that must be gained by me - from you - for you to truly want to walk with me on this journey.

And that’s trust!


I realise this requires a lot of trust on your part.

That we will get to where you are seeking to be. That I will lead you in the right direction.

Why you trust me - is because for over 30 years I have lived every aspect of wellness and wellbeing. I have studied in every element of wellness and wellbeing, and most importantly lived it. From the body to the mind to the soul without doubt, I know where to look and what to look for. It is within every fibre of my being. And I know I can help you find your pathway here. Let me be more clear. I have an Adv. Diploma Metaphysical Counselling. Adv. Diploma Wellness Consultant and Counsellor. including nutrition and dietary guidance. I have practiced as a counsellor for over 10 years. Held Strength and Conditioning Coaching qualifications and worked in the area of Personal Training and Fitness for 20 years. I am a Kriya Ban Yogi specialising in Breath and meditation and have practiced and taught Yoga for 15 years. AND an avid health and wellness researcher.

Sounds big right? You’re thinking am I ready?

You do have to be ready, but if not now, then when?

If you are prepared to put aside all excuses and step up, then your next step is to contact me for the outline to be sent to you for you to look at what is required by you, and what will be given by me. And of course, the cost outline.