Let's be really clear about what Jun is.

Jun is a fermented green tea. This live cultured creation is an amazingly refreshing drink with a touch of bubble and sparkle!

The traditional method of making fermented tea involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea, wild bacteria and yeasts. Whilst other teas use Black Tea to begin - Jun is all about the Green tea. Whilst others use sugar as its sweetener, Jun has traditionally used Raw Honey. But for all forms of making the very best decision in health and inclusiveness - our brew uses Maple Syrup. The result is a fresh, light, tasty drink that holds both a sweetness and a depth that contains healthy, living bacteria and organic acids that are good for your gut and overall wellbeing, plus widely believed to have energising and healing properties.

It is naturally fermented, sticking with tradition as to how it is crafted. Slowly, patiently and with loads of love.

Naturally, the end product contains no sugar as this is utilised throughout the fermentation process. 

Using locally grown organic green tea and quality ingredients we can say that Jun Elixir is:




Certified Organic Green Tea



A Natural energy boost

and extremely yummy!



It begins with a large pot of tea!

It really is that simple, it really does start with huge pots of tea.

I will say that I am particular about every stage but the brewing and the steeping is an art form! 

I like to boil my kettle - time and time again and fill pots with the water and gently add the tea.  

Then its steeping time and this is really an individual preference, and possibly one of each crafters secrets!

After steeping and removing the tea it is in with the sweeteners. The food if you like.  I have a very particular way of doing this shhhhh...

After cooling and pouring into the fermenting jars, its in with the Mothers. The SCOBY (yes Symbiotic Colony of Bacterial Yeast)

Then its quiet time.... soft music .. to let it ferment. This part of the process, the length of time in each ferment is where much of the mystery and the distinct flavours are created to perfect each brew!

And I can tell you it is unique every time.


This is not just a healthy drink, this is a ritual

 I have lived a lifetime of wellness ... This is important to me.... So I took the time to test the Jun!

Not just on its own in a tall glass with plenty of ice.

But mixed to create the most amazing smoothies that you can ever imagine.

So full of flavour, so full of nutrition that it is a power packed breakfast, or energy boost during the day.

But the most important test that I gave Jun, was its stillness.

It's ability to be gentle and unassuming and full of all the goodness you wish a moment to be in health and wellbeing.

It is the RITUAL of Jun that is the most amazing part of it.

Jun isn't the rush to quickly feel healthy or to energise your body.

Jun is the ritual that you give to yourself. It is time. It is a moment.

It is everything you need in that moment to refill your body, mind and soul.

It is in fact, a moment in which you are connecting to your Self, to your Life and to your Soul! 

It is in fact more than just Jun it is the journey of Jun. One that calls you and on that first sip you close your eyes and breathe a peaceful sigh....